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    Data Intelligence

    The marketing initiatives conducted in a particular residential area had been yielding slightly strange patterns in terms of returns. Some of the highly capital-intensive campaigns received a lukewarm response, whereas other marketing initiatives generated results which were much better than anticipated. This pattern was strange in nature because it contradicted the tendencies of the neighbourhood areas. But the actual cause for this development simply remained hidden from plain sight.

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    Posted by On March 6, 2018

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    Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

    Gone are the days of going to a store, selecting an item and making the purchase. Although unimaginable today, that was the consumer journey back then. Digital media has provided a plethora of options and a world of convenience for consumers, but for marketers trying to understand the user journey of the consumer across an array of channels, it’s a struggle.

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    Posted by On June 21, 2017

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