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    Product Enhancement Company
    Combining vision and technology to deliver cost-effective solutions.

    Design, data and product architecture is at the heart of product engineering. An in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour is critical for designing, developing and optimizing a product. At Pulp Strategy, we combine our engineering DNA, innovation culture and design capabilities to deliver intuitive solutions that can turn your complex business challenges into real business opportunities.

    Work that Excites Us

    • Bridgesmart Bridgesmart

      Work that Excites Us

      App & Website


      • A digitally-enabled sales tool that empowers Bridgestone sales representatives to meet customers’ requirements better. It provides product search based in customised requirements along with fuel savings calculators.
    • The Luxepass The Luxepass

      Work that Excites Us

      App & Website

      The Luxepass

      • Created an app for both web and mobile domain where LuxePass is a key to all the luxurious wellness amenities collaborated with tastefully selected high-end hotels and resorts to provide an extravagant experience without having to book a room or owning expensive Hotel memberships.
    • Incom Mail Incom Mail

      Work that Excites Us

      App & Website

      Incom Mail

      • Our team at pulp strategy created a digital platform to create and send postcards, letters , picture cards to their loved ones who are incarcerated in USA.
    • Think-Gas Think-Gas

      Work that Excites Us



      • A corporate website which shows the brand vision, ethics and value aiming to benefit the country with the supply of clean fuel to consumers and a robust infrastructure to deliver natural gas to customers.

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    Our Clients

    Trusted by enterprise brands and funded startups

    • agaro
    • bridgestone
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    • enquero
    • incom-mail
    • luvlap
    • luxepaas
    • michelin
    • microsoft
    • proburst
    • shell
    • snore-eraser
    • take-my-audition
    • think-gas

    Comprehensive, secure, and time-tested Product Engineering Services

    • Product Engineering Consulting

      Product Engineering Consulting

      Our experts use the best-suiting tech stack and product modernization options to help accelerate business transformation and ensure growth.
    • Product Modernization Services

      Product Modernization Services

      We leverage our years of experience and expertise in product modernization to help your business overcome challenges such as scalability, security, process redundancies, efficiency and high operational expenses.
    • Software Development Outsourcing Services

      Software Development Outsourcing Services

      We assess your business's current requirements with our extensive experience in cross-functional resources and Software Development Outsourcing Services. Based on that, we develop a structured set of recommendations on the right technology platform to help you define the product roadmap and transition strategy.
    • Product Marketing Services

      Product Marketing Services

      Our strategists work closely with your product management team to devise and implement an effective marketing plan for your newly developed product.
    • DevOps Services

      DevOps Services

      Transform your Product Development process through our DevOps consulting services. We offer our deep industry insights to facilitate product development.  
    • Product Testing Services

      Product Testing Services

      Our testing services include a comprehensive portfolio of business-driven quality assurance testing services. We use model testing and functional and non-functional testing to ensure that your applications are secure and optimally functioning.
    • Mobilization


      You can access your business on the go with our mobility services without having to worry about the security of your data. Mobilization services enable you to extend your products to mobile devices and avail the benefits.
    • Product Maintenance Services

      Product Maintenance Services

      Being your product enhancement company, we stand with you throughout the product development cycle and beyond. In case you have any queries regarding your product, we will always be there to assist you.

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    Partner with us to develop cutting-edge products

    A more than decade-long experience in working with the biggest brands and promising startups worldwide has given us a deep understanding of modern technology, consumers and user behaviour. When you partner with us to meet your product engineering requirements, we bring this valuable experience to develop world-class products that help meet your business goals.

    App Idea

    Why choose Product Engineering?

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    That speed up your development Timeline

    • Beacon Integration

    • GPS/Navigation Integration

    • Live chat

    • MDM Integration

    • Payment Gateway

    • AR/Machine Learning

    • Wearable Integration

    • Analytics

    • CMS

    • Custom API Integration

    Our Product Development process

    Our strategists are firmly positioned as your Agile software development partner to keep you competitive and accelerate your customer acquisition efforts.

    Inquire & Analyze

    • Explain/justify needs
    • Identify/prioritize research
    • Analyze existing product range
    • Summarize research analysis

    Develop Ideas

    • Develop design specs
    • Conceive design ideas
    • Present justify final design
    • Develop drawings/diagrams

    Assess solution

    • Develop testing methods
    • Evaluate solution success
    • Suggest revisions/upgrades
    • Explain solution impact

    Create Solution

    • Construct logical plans
    • Develop technical skills
    • Follow plan to create solution
    • Justify design changes


    • +-What is Software enhancement?
      A Software enhancement is any product change or upgrade that increases the software's capabilities and user value beyond the previous state.
    • +-What is a Product feature?
      A product feature is a trait that delivers value to end-users and differentiates a product in the market.
    • +-What does Product Development mean?
      Product Development is the product’s entire journey. From idea, conceptualization to final launch, the process is known as Product Development
    • +-What is Product Quality?
      Product Quality is the perception of the degree to which the product meets the customer’s requirements.
    • +-What are the steps of Product development?
      The steps of Product Development are: • Idea generation • Screening • Concept development • Product development • Testing • Commercialization
    • +-What are Product Engineering Services?
      Product Engineering Services is the engineering consulting activity using various hardware, embedded software, IT services and solutions to design and develop products.

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