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    Content Management System Integration
    Accelerate your digital journey with our CMS solutions.

    Content Management System (CMS) allows you to create, manage, and modify content on a website without any specialized technical knowledge. We help you build world-class CMS to enhance your brand’s digital presence. Our easy-to-manage and update CMS services let you easily add or modify your website content, allowing you to deliver and market your messages to the target audience effectively. We are your one-stop destination for all your CMS requirements - from prototyping and wireframes to developing custom WordPress templates.

    Work that Excites Us

    • Bridgesmart Bridgesmart

      Work that Excites Us

      App & Website


      • A digitally-enabled sales tool that empowers Bridgestone sales representatives to meet customers’ requirements better. It provides product search based in customised requirements along with fuel savings calculators.
    • The Luxepass The Luxepass

      Work that Excites Us

      App & Website

      The Luxepass

      • Created an app for both web and mobile domain where LuxePass is a key to all the luxurious wellness amenities collaborated with tastefully selected high-end hotels and resorts to provide an extravagant experience without having to book a room or owning expensive Hotel memberships.
    • Incom Mail Incom Mail

      Work that Excites Us

      App & Website

      Incom Mail

      • Our team at pulp strategy created a digital platform to create and send postcards, letters , picture cards to their loved ones who are incarcerated in USA.
    • Think-Gas Think-Gas

      Work that Excites Us



      • A corporate website which shows the brand vision, ethics and value aiming to benefit the country with the supply of clean fuel to consumers and a robust infrastructure to deliver natural gas to customers.

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    • think-gas

    Our Content Management System offerings

    • Custom CMS Solutions

      Custom CMS Solutions

      Customized web applications are crucial for every organization nowadays. The dynamic range of custom CMS solutions we offer includes content management workflow, front-end and back-end development, enterprise-grade web applications, and custom e-commerce sites.
    • CMS Integration Services

      CMS Integration Services

      With our CMS Integration Services, you can easily communicate with other enterprises and make your system compatible with different frameworks. Besides, our Content Management Systems are cost-effective, easy-to-handle, and scalable.
    • CMS Selection & Consulting

      CMS Selection & Consulting

      We help you choose the CMS that are the right fit for your business and add value to it by employing our in-depth understanding and experience in this area.
    • Template Development

      Template Development

      Tapping our expertise in strategy, design and technology, we build dynamic websites and WordPress templates, which aren’t just visually appealing, but also maximize user engagement.
    • Drupal to WordPress Migration

      Drupal to WordPress Migration

      Our Drupal to WordPress migration service is fast and flawless. With our migration services, you can take your fully-fledged website from Drupal to WordPress in no-time. Whether you need to migrate your content, preserve traffic or add a new look or functionality to your WordPress plug-ins, our CMS developers will handle it all with ease.
    • Joomla to WordPress Migration

      Joomla to WordPress Migration

      You don’t have to spend hours copy/pasting your content from Joomla to WordPress. As your CMS development company, we convert your Joomla site to fully-functional WordPress website without losing your data.
    • CMS support & maintenance

      CMS support & maintenance

      At Pulp Strategy, we offer support and maintenance services to help you stay ahead of the competition. From customization to upgrades and migration services, we are here to make your digital journey smooth.

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    Grow your business with enterprise-grade CMS solutions

    Go a step ahead of basic CMS integration with enterprise-level content management systems. Offering advanced functionality and features, they provide you with more control over your content, marketing and data. With our comprehensive experience in this area, you can equip your business with CMS Solutions that let you maximize the value of the content available with you.

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    • +-What is CMS Integration?
      The CMS integration is integrating a Content Management System into your existing website.
    • +-What is a CMS website development?
      The CMS is a software that helps you to build a website. It comes with different designs and templates for developing a user-friendly website.
    • +-What are the types of CMS?
      There are three types of CMS- • Open-source CMS • Proprietary CMS • Software-as-a-service CMS
    • +-What is CMS migration?
      The CMS migration is the process of moving content stored on one web management system to another. We offer migration services such as Drupal to WordPress and Joomla to WordPress.
    • +-How long does a website migration take?
      Migration of website depends upon the content it has. Generally, it ranges from 30 minutes to three hours depending upon the amount of the content on the website.

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