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    Transform your enterprise with innovative technology services

    The world of engineering and R&D is rapidly changing with shifting enterprise engineering priorities. We use our technology prowess, agility mindset, and customer success culture to help you build great IT products and experiences for your customers. Our vision as a software development company is to build new and relevant products for modern world trends with higher levels of automation and the commitment of greater speed and precision therefore reducing your investment risks. We are at the forefront of innovation in software engineering, software development, adopting modern methodologies and disruptive technologies, enabling of services-oriented business models, co-innovating and bringing in excellence into core engineering and smarter operations.

    The Work that excites us

    • Content Marketing Agency Content Marketing Agency Content Marketing Agency
      Content Marketing Agency

      Experiencing the future of funny

      • Series Premier Events, Campus Marketing, Video Content, Always On Content
    • Content Marketing Agency Content Marketing Agency
      Content Marketing Agency

      Future of luxury

      • Product Design, Ui/Ux, Technology Architecture, Product Development, Mobile Development, Web Development, Interaction Design.
    • Content Marketing Agency Content Marketing Agency Content Marketing Agency Content Marketing Agency
      Content Marketing Agency

      Digital first

      • Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, E Commerce Website and App Management, Media Buying, Social Selling, Customer Engagement Design, Virtual Product Trials, Influencer Marketing
    • Content Marketing Agency Content Marketing Agency Content Marketing Agency Content Marketing Agency
      Content Marketing Agency

      Demand more from design

      • Content Strategy, Digital Campaigns, Retail Identity Design, Digital Films, Rich Content Creation, Customer Experience Design, Campus Marketing, New Product Launch, eCommerce Content
    • Content Marketing Agency Content Marketing Agency
      Content Marketing Agency

      Everyone learns online

      • Strategy, Product Design, Interaction Design, Development, Implementation, Content Management, Multi-Language Capability, Product Management, Marketing Strategy, Data Analytics. Campaign Management.

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    Powerful expertise

    Since 2011 Pulp Strategy has built impactful digital products for global enterprises, SMBs, and funded startups across industries. We understand that the criticality of the IT estate is top of your mind, and digital transformation is business critical. Through our software development services, we help you build intuitive insightful products, simplify and optimize existing, on-premises investments and securely move IT resources to the cloud, while modernizing your applications and building data-driven operations. Unlock value and transform your business with our Enterprise Technology Stack.

    Intuitive. Brilliant. Productive

    A decade of experience working with the biggest brands, and promising startups across the globe has given us a deep understanding of modern technology, software development, consumers and user behavior, we use this learning to leverage our expertise for your product engineering and technology development needs, creating new opportunities and accelerating business value. We take pride in delivering solutions on time and on budget through rapid prototyping and agile development.

    • Technology Consulting
      We combine business strategy, need discovery, and engineering to enable clarity and business growth. We understand that today’s times are disruptive, and businesses need a little nudge in the right direction. Technology can be overwhelming and technology investments require risks. Our experts help navigate this complex landscape to accelerate transformation and business growth through our software development services.
    • Product Engineering
      Design, data and product architecture is at the heart of product engineering. We understand that to Design, innovate and optimize your product, Consumer Insight, data and behavior information is critical. We handle the different phases of the product design and engineering, Not just from the technology point but also from the scalability, continuity and change management standpoint.
    • Enterprise solutions / Enterprise Platform
      Business continuity, evolution and adapting to the rapidly changing technology landscape is necessary for your business to be future ready. As a new age software development company, we take advantage of mobility, analytics, cloud, security, latest technology, social and web platforms that enable enterprises to preempt change in the behaviors of your customers. We build next generation solutions for your product, marketing, sales and commerce needs.
    • User experience Design
      We believe that what you do and how you do it matters more than what you say. Our strategists use strategy, design and technology to create transformative experiences that positively impact your customers, and your business. We create experience strategy, design, Customer journey modeling, UI/UX design for your product or service to ensure the success of your consumer journey.
    • Startup Services
      We have years of experience in designing, engineering and scaling products for startup businesses. We specialize in solving six business critical problems that bog down great start up ideas. Our services under our start-up vertical are uniquely positioned to meet the specific requirements of funded idea stage start-ups. Our strategists work seamlessly to support you in early stages to move quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively from idea to scale-up.
    • Mobile Application Development
      Our extensive experience with mobile technologies has enables Startups and enterprise clients to harness the advantage of mobile. We build powerful, functional, intuitive and beautiful mobile apps; both native and hybrid for iOS and Android that work seamlessly across all platforms and device formats. Our mobile app development services span across your app journey to include Consulting, Design, UI/UX, development, deployment, scalability and maintenance.
    • Cloud solutions
      Accelerate business transformation with cloud services. We identify the solutions which make the most sense for your business and enable transition to hybrid, open and managed cloud services across security-rich cloud environments. Our strategist work with you to optimize your infrastructure and applications and reduce cost while ensuring cloud governance, maintaining account health, enhance analytics and ensure improved consumption planning.
    • Testing services
      Our testing services include a comprehensive portfolio of business-driven quality assurance testing services. We use model testing, functional and nonfunctional testing to ensure that your applications are secure and functioning optimally. Our model testing enforces testability in product design, fixes bugs, improves thoroughness and test coverage via automatic test suite. We reduce test suite maintenance and optimize your application to ensure their performance is improved and bug free.
    • Data & Conversational AI
      Conversational AI makes it possible for your brand to interact in a human way with your customers online, improving discoverability of data, dispensing of information, increasing engagement, increasing accuracy of information and optimizing costs. At Pulp Strategy we make AI communication easy and natural, with customized chat solutions deployed in the cloud or in your on-premises environment. We use cognitive computing with self-learning algorithms that use data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing to enable you to put your forward your best for your customers.
    • Extended and Virtual Reality
      With contactless selling becoming critical for brands, we use technology to ensure that your customers have the opportunity to engage with your product with virtual trials using augmented reality. When competing with giants in the online space, virtual try-on technology is no fancy feature, an absolute must in the fast-changing online landscape for your brand. With virtual showrooms and product trials on your website and social media we create a delightful visual experience for your products online.
    • Digital Transformation
      We combine deep insights and powerful technology competence and enable you to meet your digital transformation needs. To accommodate the new, modern-day buyer, your business needs to think digital first, in every aspect of your customer journey. This is where we bring our A-game to your table. Our strategists work with your teams to build in performance, responsiveness, authenticity, and consistency in your customer messaging, customer engagement, customer decision making, and the advocacy cycle to help model a competitive holistic experience.

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    Industry Expertise

    • Health & Fitness Solutions

    • Automotive & Logistics Solutions

    • Education & E-learning Solutions

    • Food & Restaurant Solutions

    • SAAS Based Solutions

    • Hospitality Solutions

    • Retail and Commerce

    • Online Event

    • Energy and utilities

    • Manufacturing

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    • Development

      HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Java, .NET, Ruby On rails

    • Mobility

      iOS, Android, React native, Iconic, Phonegap

    • CMS & E Commerce

      Sitecore, Sitefinity , Drupal, word press, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, Opencart

    • database

      MongoDB, Firebase, PostgreSQL, MySQL / Maria DB, SQL Server

    • Frameworks

      CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Django, Laravel, MEANStack, Genisis, BootStrap, LESS, Sass, Zurb Foundation

    • Cloud

      Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Firebase, Parse, Azure

    • Artificial intelligence

      IBM watson, Google AI, Azure AI

    • Tools

      Github, Adobe, JIRA

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