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    Android Software Development Easy to use, Intuitive Android Applications for powerful business impact.

    Pulp Strategy is an award-winning Android App Development Company in India, possessing strong expertise of digital marketing blended with engineering services. Pulp Strategy’s IT solution services enables organizations gain productivity and transform their business for the digital age. We have helped funded startups and large enterprises develop cutting edge android applications, powering billions of devices around the world with our advanced Android App Development services. We leverage years of expertise to develop fully functional, gorgeous and secure android apps compatible across devices, platforms and form factors.

    Work that Excites Us

    • Bridgesmart Bridgesmart

      Work that Excites Us

      App & Website


      • A digitally-enabled sales tool that empowers Bridgestone sales representatives to meet customers’ requirements better. It provides product search based in customised requirements along with fuel savings calculators.
    • The Luxepass The Luxepass

      Work that Excites Us

      App & Website

      The Luxepass

      • Created an app for both web and mobile domain where LuxePass is a key to all the luxurious wellness amenities collaborated with tastefully selected high-end hotels and resorts to provide an extravagant experience without having to book a room or owning expensive Hotel memberships.
    • Incom Mail Incom Mail

      Work that Excites Us

      App & Website

      Incom Mail

      • Our team at pulp strategy created a digital platform to create and send postcards, letters , picture cards to their loved ones who are incarcerated in USA.

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    Full Stack Android App Development Services

    Driven by creativity and Innovation. Robust Android apps that deliver delightful experiences

    • Android wear app development

      Android wear app development

      Our expert Android application developers offer a host of services including design, development, feature enrichment and productivity enhancement in android applications for wearables.
    • Android UI/UX Design

      Android UI/UX Design

      With over a decade of experience as an Android App Development Company in India, our designers focus on creating android apps that are highly efficient and render an optimal user experience. We understand the consumer journey and your business to deliver a powerful, gorgeous user experience that is built for success.
    • Android Web-based apps

      Android Web-based apps

      With our innovative web-based solutions we design apps under our Android App Development services that are easy to install, maintain and are highly secure. By choosing our Android App Development services, you get a flexible application that is scalable and has the potential to expand as your business grows.
    • Android TV app development

      Android TV app development

      Android App Development services for television demand advanced expertise and an understanding of user behavior, our strategists are skilled designers and android developers who invest time in understanding your business before commencing on your android software development.
    • Android App Consultation

      Android App Consultation

      As your Android App Development company, we partner with you throughout your development journey from start to end. If you have an App idea in mind, reach out to us. Our team will analyze your requirements to quicken your Android App Development process.
    • Android Tablet application development

      Android Tablet application development

      We provide high performing Android apps for tablets which enhance your business operational efficiency. Our Android development services ensure that customers who engage with your android applications on tablets get a unique, native experience that is intuitive and secure.
    • Enterprise Android applications

      Enterprise Android applications

      Enterprise Android App Development is increasing on the radar of every business organization. As your Android app development company, we take into factor various features that will boost your business productivity.
    • Android Game Development

      Android Game Development

      We provide full-scale design and development services for developing android games. Our developers are skilled with new tools and best practices in building amazing games that can reach an audience of more than 2 billion android devices.
    • Android maintenance and support

      Android maintenance and support

      Keep your android applications up to date with our functionality updates and maintenance services. As an award-winning Android App Development Company in India we will help you add new features when needed along with providing 24*7 support to your queries.

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    At Pulp Strategy we partner with our clients and follow a full cycle Android App Development process. We begin with consultation, sharing our decade plus of expertise of working with some of the largest most active brands on the planet. We recommend optimal technology, adopt the latest tools and develop with agile methodologies. We ensure that you understand the process and are able to keep track of progress transparently. Regular meetings and reviews ensure that you understand the user flow and are able to make the best of the expertise we bring on board.


    The features

    That make us a preferred Android App Development company

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    That speed up your development Timeline

    • Beacon Integration

    • GPS Integration

    • Porting & Migration

    • MDM Integration

    • Payment Gateway

    • XMPP Chat Server

    • Wearable Integration

    • Third Party Integration

    • Audio/ Video Live Streaming

    • Custom API Integration

    Transforming the Android Ecosystem across all screens with cutting-edge Android Development Services

    We adopt Agile frameworks to develop Android Apps.


    Have questions about Android app development?

    • +-What is an Android App Development Company?
      Our company helps different types of businesses to use software solutions to enhance the level of productivity. We know exactly what practices to adopt and how to help you grow. We are a team of professional and experienced developers who can come up with excellent solutions for your enterprise.
    • +-What are the standard charges for developing an Android App?
      There is no fixed price. The charges depend on the size and requirements of your Android application.
    • +-What Languages do we use for Android Development?
      Java, Python, C/C++, PHP, Kotlin.
    • +-What is the Android Application Development Process?
      Right from your requirements to the end product, we at Pulp Strategy go through a series of processes which includes Concept, Planning, Implementation, Testing, and its submission in the marketplace.
    • +-What are the security measures for the Android app?
      Our Android Application Development process mainly focuses on quality and security. Having immense industry experience, our developers are aware of the potential risks and keep an eye on it in real-time.
    • +-Why choose us?
      At Pulp Strategy, we work with the best developers to help you develop custom applications, that are scalable, unique and offer an intuitive, feature rich, easy to use experience.

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