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    Cloud Computing Company
    Accelerate your business transformation with our cloud services.

    Moving to cloud can fuel workforce mobility, innovation and faster decision-making, enhancing business competitiveness and continued growth. Pulp Strategy is one of the leading Cloud Consulting Companies in India, our strategists deploy their vast skills and expertise to ensure your business's smooth transition to the cloud. We help optimize your infrastructure and applications to reduce costs while providing you with enhanced analytical capabilities.

    Work that Excites Us

    • The Luxepass The Luxepass

      Work that Excites Us

      App & Website

      The Luxepass

      • Created an app for both web and mobile domain where LuxePass is a key to all the luxurious wellness amenities collaborated with tastefully selected high-end hotels and resorts to provide an extravagant experience without having to book a room or owning expensive Hotel memberships.
    • Incom Mail Incom Mail

      Work that Excites Us

      App & Website

      Incom Mail

      • Our team at pulp strategy created a digital platform to create and send postcards, letters , picture cards to their loved ones who are incarcerated in USA.

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    We offer a wide range of Cloud Consulting Services to meet your business goals

    • Google Cloud AI Service

      Google Cloud AI Service

      Conversational AI makes it possible for your brand to interact humanly with your customers online. At Pulp Strategy, we make AI communication easy and natural, with customized chat solutions deployed in the cloud or in your on-premises environment. Our Cloud Consulting Services deploy cognitive computing with self-learning algorithms that use data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing to put you forward for your customers.
    • Cloud Migration Services

      Cloud Migration Services

      With our Azure migration services, you can migrate your data from an existing application to cloud platforms without safely and securely. Our Cloud Platform Integration helps you plan, execute, and keep track of your data migration from start to finish.
    • Amazon Relational Database

      Amazon Relational Database

      Accessing data from anywhere anytime brings considerable advantages to your business. With our fully secured SQL database cloud service, you can flexibly create relational databases, and efficiently access your database at any time and on any device.
    • Digital Ocean Cloud services

      Digital Ocean Cloud services

      Our strategists possess vast skills and experience in Cloud Consulting Services and help businesses unleash Digital Ocean cloud services' full potential, allowing you to deploy, manage, and scale cloud applications faster and more efficiently.
    • Cloud Computing and Hosting

      Cloud Computing and Hosting

      As your cloud computing company, we deliver you unmatched cloud solutions. Our Function as a service (FaaS) platform benefits you in many ways. It lets you connect with Google cloud to work in a server-less and scalable environment.
    • Data security

      Data security

      As the cloud is an open-source data storage and processing platform, we offer secure data migration to cloud from the existing platform. As one of the best Cloud Consulting Companies in India, we take data Cloud Platform Integration and security very seriously and ensure that the data from your lost laptop/device doesn’t fall in wrong hands.
    • Amazon CloudFront

      Amazon CloudFront

      Faster exchange of information is highly in demand for businesses and enterprises in this rapidly evolving world. Our Amazon CloudFront service makes static and dynamic web content sharing even faster. We follow a set of security measures to deliver your images, applications, and videos safely.
    • Amazon S3

      Amazon S3

      Data storage and data retrieval play an essential role in cloud computing. With our Amazon simple storage service, you can easily share and retrieve large files from the cloud. We offer easy accessibility to the same system that Amazon uses to run its website.

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    Strengthen business processes and fuel innovation with Cloud computing

    Today's highly dynamic business environment calls for business to continually improve their products and services, make the most of data available with them and provide unmatched employee experience on mobile devices. Cloud computing lets you do all this and more and paves the way to enhanced competitiveness and business growth. Driven by vast expertise and experience, our Cloud Consulting Services smoothen your journey to the cloud. Partner with us to continually innovate and draw actionable insights from organizational data to stay a step ahead of the competition at all times.

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    Cloud computing Infrastructure

    Swift, secure & auto-scaling Web & mobile applications Having cloud back-end


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    Google cloud Platform


    • +-What is the cloud and its services?
      It is a method of delivering Software-as-a-service using internet technologies on a pay-per-use basis.
    • +-What are types of Cloud Computing?
      There are three types of Cloud computing- • Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) • Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)
    • +- What is a cloud first strategy?
      In a cloud-first-strategy, an organization evaluates cloud solutions first before looking for any alternatives.
    • +-How Cloud Computing is beneficial for my business?
      Cloud computing is cost-efficient and time-saving. It uses allocated budget and team members required to meet your business requirements.
    • +-. What is Azure?
      Azure is an open-source cloud platform. It supports all major operating systems and development tools, along with your existing IT infrastructure. Azure helps you efficiently build, deploy, and manage applications in the data centres.
    • +-Is Azure secure?
      Azure provides encrypted storage service where you can store any type of data with huge or less volume.

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