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    Leverage our product ideation and strategy services to drive your company’s digital growth

    Provide your customers with digital products they would love to spend time with. Open new revenue streams. And pave the way to faster business growth. At Pulp Strategy, we develop a holistic understanding of your business and create customized products by employ cutting-edge technologies and best practices.


    Our work is recognized by major awards bodies globally

    • Technology Consulting

      Work that Excites Us

      App & Website


      • A digitally-enabled sales tool that empowers Bridgestone sales representatives to meet customers’ requirements better. It provides product search based in customised requirements along with fuel savings calculators.
    • Technology Consulting

      Work that Excites Us

      App & Website

      The Luxepass

      • Created an app for both web and mobile domain where LuxePass is a key to all the luxurious wellness amenities collaborated with tastefully selected high-end hotels and resorts to provide an extravagant experience without having to book a room or owning expensive Hotel memberships.
    • Technology Consulting

      Work that Excites Us

      App & Website

      Incom Mail

      • Our team at pulp strategy created a digital platform to create and send postcards, letters , picture cards to their loved ones who are incarcerated in USA.
    • Technology Consulting

      Work that Excites Us



      • A corporate website which shows the brand vision, ethics and value aiming to benefit the country with the supply of clean fuel to consumers and a robust infrastructure to deliver natural gas to customers.

    Bringing product ideation and strategy services that deliver the desired results

    We map out the market, stakeholders, pricing and the requisite tech architecture to develop digital products that enhance customer engagements levels and generate revenue.

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    Get a formidable competitive advantage with Integrated Product Development

    We bring a variety of functions together to make your digital product development successful. These include the product development team as well as marketing, sales, research and development, purchasing, products, etc. All this enable us to devise a go-to-market strategy that ensures faster adoption of your product. Here're some of the strategies that are part of our integrated product development strategy.

    • Differentiation Strategy

      It takes more than design and engineering to create a successful product. We lay particular emphasis on differentiating the products from the competition. This leads to the development of products that have revolutionary features and distinct look and feel.
    • Cost Strategy

      By carefully assessing the resources at hand, SKU mapping, and cost-effective processing, we keep the developments costs low without compromising on QA and performance.
    • Focus Strategy

      We employ target specific marketing and intelligent analytics to target different customer personas to make your product a success in the market.

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    Get ahead of competitors with our Product Development services

    In today’s competitive business environment and evolving customer demands, creating good products isn’t enough. Businesses need to build innovation, superior and differentiated products to stay competitive and grow. At Pulp Strategy, we have in-depth domain knowledge, efficient processes, and a highly skilled and experienced team to build cutting-edge digital products to enable your organization to write new success stories.


    • +-What is product strategy?
      A well-structured plan that describes what an organization wants to accomplish with its product and the corresponding processes can be defined as a Product strategy.
    • +-What is a new product strategy ?
      Launching a new product requires comprehensive planning for development and marketing. It is crucial to ensure its faster adoption by the users. This is done with the help of a new product strategy.
    • +-What is a good product strategy?
      A good product strategy includes the following -
      ● Who the product is for
      ● Why would people purchase and use it?
      ● What are the USPs of the product?
      ● How does the product fulfil the respective company's goals?
      ● How can the investment of the company be made worthwhile?
    • +-What are the three types of product positioning strategies?
      Comparative positioning strategies are figured out by placing products right next to rival brands with similar products and highlighting their competitive edge.
      If a product is unique and can't be duplicated, a differentiation strategy works out best.
      Segmentation: Sometimes, the needs of a product may vary with the audience demographics. A segmentation strategy helps a product to stand out in such cases.
    • +-What is included in the product strategy?
      A product strategy should include the market understanding, specific needs the product fulfils, USPs or product differentiators, and the company's business goals for the product development.

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