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    Legal Guidelines And Ethics Code

    Doing Business with Pulp Strategy Communications Pvt Ltd and Pulp Strategy Technologies Pvt Ltd as a contractor or supplier

    Work Contract: The legal policy of Pulp Strategy does not permit to conduct business with suppliers without a valid contract. if you are a first time supplier you must not agree to undertake any work till the legal formalities of enrollment are complete. Pulp Strategy’s legal policy does not allow to undertake any liability of payment towards suppliers not legally enrolled into our system. This is a one-time process and you must complete these formalities prior to accepting any work. For more details you may write in to

    Purchase Orders: At Pulp Strategy we have a saying, “No PO, No Payment”. But very seriously, no work should be performed until a PO is issued. We require POs and request that no work is performed until one is issued, No Strategist is authorized to issue work of any value without a valid purchase order issued to the supplier. Invoices must refer to a corresponding PO number and have a copy of the PO attached. Invoices without a valid PO will be returned unpaid without any liability of payment. Note: All our PO’s are centrally released by the finance team. Before you commence work you must courier a signed copy of the PO to the finance team. For more details you may write in to

    SOW and delivery of work: Please carefully review the SOW needed for proof of execution or delivery and quality terms prior to undertaking work or accepting a PO. Work, which does not pass our quality and/or reporting requirements, will not be considered for payment.

    Invoices: Please ensure that invoices are sent to the correct location and that invoice information is complete and accurate to avoid delays in the processing of your invoice, the finance team verifies all invoices centrally. Please make sure your invoice is accurate and complete. A few tips to keep in mind:

    1. Invoices, which are above the PO amount, will be automatically rejected.
    2. Send invoices after Pulp Strategy has received and has acknowledged and/or verified the goods or services.
    3. Reference the Purchase Order (PO) number on the invoice with a copy of the PO attached.
    4. Ensure invoice information matches with information on the PO, and is accompanied by the relevant POE, reports and/or supporting documents.
    5. Ensure the invoice date is not in the future and the invoice date reflects the date services were rendered and not the date services were first quoted.
    6. Invoice Submission: We prefer to receive invoices via courier invoices sent to us centrally to “Accounts Payable” at the Delhi HO.
    7. Payments: We pay suppliers via cheque and/or Electronic remittance. Please ensure that you provide correct banking details when you enroll. We typically pay invoices 60 business days after the invoice is approved and or submitted to accounts payable.


    To enrol as a new vendor at Pulp Strategy for supply of goods and services, kindly fill the form below, our purchase team will get in touch with you soon.

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      Note: Submitting does not mean you are enrolled in our system, please allow the purchase department to get in touch with you for the formalities.