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    Augmented reality for greater social currency


    Augmented reality for greater social currency

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    Augmented reality (AR) is best described by a real-time merger of virtual objects into real-world settings and surprisingly, it is no longer a science fiction.

    The technology has already moved to the mainstream, as it is most accessible by smartphone cameras and brands have taken notice. A poll conducted by Purch, reveals that 10 percent of marketers utilize AR, and 72 percent are planning to, in the coming year. Also, Deloitte identifies almost 90% of the companies with annual revenues of $100 million to $1 billion, now leveraging AR or VR technology. For smaller firms, the technology does so much more than simply entertain. It brings in a new level of convenience, speed with a lasting brand impression.

    When we talk about the brand impression, mentioning customer loyalty – social currency is inevitable. Since the AR technology is making quite an impact on the social media now, it is equally important to find out how will it continue doing so? Marketers must know these answers if they really want to be at the forefront of Augmented Reality and increase their social currency, along with new ways to boost their sales.

    • Allow your audience to upgrade the content they are interacting with! Empower them to customize the content how they like before sharing it with others.
    • Add or subtract filters or visual stickers that you can create and provide.
    • Use it in your product catalog. Augmented reality provides the “try before you buy”, so that the buyers can experience more realistic online purchases.
    • Focus on the fun, accessibility and visualization aspects within your augmented reality content.

    In short, you create experiences for your customers and show them the way to share it with their friends. Hence, sharing your brand name. From games to camera filters and shopping guides, the technology has opened gates for brands to market themselves in a much indirect but impactful way. Isn’t augmented reality a lot more intriguing than the traditional means of marketing? Our experts can help you find more interesting ways and increase your social currency. Get in touch with us today.

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      • The Strategist
      • September 27, 2019

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