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    Guide to Mobile App Development: Does your brand need it?


    Guide to Mobile App Development: Does your brand need it?

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    In today's digital landscape, people heavily rely on their mobile devices for everything, from communicating and networking to managing their finances and purchasing products. This is why developing a mobile app is crucial to building brand awareness and a loyal audience.

    Does a brand really need an app to succeed in today's market? This is a question that many brands ask while evaluating mobile strategies. Using an app will create a communications channel for brands to learn, adapt, and better address customer needs while simultaneously meeting their business objectives. Having just an online presence is no longer sufficient as the world almost enters 2021. Apps are no longer a novelty. Instead, they are a part of a broader strategy that brands can no longer ignore.

    A mobile app is like a customer's portal to a brand. Depending on the features it has, it can facilitate customer interaction, allow customers to make purchases, and give them a line of communication with the brand's business. It will help brands understand and better address customer needs, which are crucial aspects of business growth and customer experience.

    How can a mobile app help your business?

    Mobile apps can help brands in numerous ways. These applications can be crafted to deliver unique experiences for a brand's audience that are not achievable with desktop solutions. Some of the specific benefits are:

    • In-app payments: Mobile apps can drastically improve the customer experience with convenient payment options.
    • Mobile notifications: Push notifications are a simple way for brands to engage with their customers, ultimately helping brands retain them.
    • Geolocation: This feature lets brands know when customers are near their store so brands can offer discounts or coupons to encourage them to visit.

    Nowadays, if a brand is missing a mobile application or even a website, they end up excluding a large section of potential customers. But before actually building an app, brands should do some of the following things:

    • Launch the cheapest version of a mobile app to gauge interest.
    • If the cheapest version shows promise, brands should continue developing the mobile app.
    • Decide if a mobile app will truly impact business. Set clear goals for what needs to be accomplished with the app.
    • Analyze if a mobile app will simplify interaction with customers

    Benefits of Mobile app development

    We all know apps play a crucial role in our daily lives. But how can brands benefit from mobile app development services?

    • Enhanced customer experience: A mobile app is more than a catalog of products. It offers another channel for customers to interact with a brand. Frictionless customer experience is the central goal of any app development company, and its functionality should align entirely with the company’s core business function.
    • Increased brand visibility: If customers repeatedly see a brand’s app on their phone, the brand sticks in their mind. Mobile apps provide a great deal of value to strengthen customer-brand relationships while pinpointing a problem customers are facing and offer an app solution that will make their life easier. For example, apps that offer rewards, or special in-app promotions, nudge users to return and increase conversions.
    • Boost customer engagement: Users these days want immediate and personalized communication. The more related the experience is with a user’s needs, the more likely they are to continue to use the app. Brands should make an effort to help them engage with the content and other information with the least amount of effort. If a brand's customer is satisfied with their app, it will amount to better ratings, reviews, and word-of-mouth, which will mean more downloads.
    • Substantial ROI: Brands can benefit from mobile apps, as mobile apps are a good medium to push users further along. Additionally, brands can also generate revenue from advertising and app downloads if their app is pay per download.

    Closing thoughts

    Mobile apps for businesses provide opportunities for personalization and interaction with consumers. With features like loyalty programs and push notifications, they can increase revenue streams by prompting increased browsing activity, user engagement, and purchases.

    Over the past decade, the shift in customer behavior has provided an opportunity for brands to expand mobile strategies beyond just a mobile-friendly website.

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      • November 10, 2020

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