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    Are you boring your consumers? Learn the art of video marketing  from Marvel Superheroes


    Are you boring your consumers? Learn the art of video marketing from Marvel Superheroes

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    Video consumption is now at an all-time high and growing leaps and bounds owing to the increased Internet speeds on both mobile and desktops and drastically reduced data charges. The growing preference of video over other forms of static marketing communication has made video marketing a must-have for marketers vying for the consumers’ attention and time on digital platforms.

    A recent HubSpot Research shows that 4 of the top 6 channels on which global consumers watch videos are social channels. Engaging storylines with quirky analogies sound more interesting than plain frames, boring jargons and preachy tones. Massively popular and evocative Marvel superhero movies show us how compelling storytelling can help build engagement, enhance consumer satisfaction and loyalty that can eventually lead to increased conversions.

    A story that revolves around a boy bitten by radioactive spider could teach major video marketing lessons. That's how easy it is to get the basics of video marketing right. So, here are our takeaways from these superhero plots that every marketer should take some inspirations from and learn the art of successful storytelling.

    Things to keep in mind for effective video marketing

    Know your audience

    For a marketing strategy to become a success, it's essential to identify and segment your target audience and deliver what they want. For instance, Iron Man is one bold superhero that lives a playboy lifestyle and is consistent in his application of new technologies and appeals to every tech junkie. Similarly, it's vital for every marketer to deliver to the right audience.

    Build Curiosity

    Since video content is all about engaging consumers and keeping them hooked until the end, it's essential to keep the audience excited and make them want more of your video content. With exciting twists and intriguing endings, Marvel has been successful in making its viewers craving for more superhero sequels and spin-offs.

    Keep it interesting

    Gone are the days when boring and on-the-face communication aimed at generating sales used to deliver results. Consumers are now more informed than ever, which makes it imperative for marketers to provide them with value-based offerings and communicate their benefits interestingly through engaging video content. Deadpool is one odd-one-out superhero, an anti-hero that talks in millennial lingo, cracks mad jokes and directly appeals to the meme-dark-humor loving generation. Just like he creates a bond with niche viewers with his quirks, you can offer a unique, entertaining, or immersive experience through videos to viewers to forge a positive, memorable association with your brand and what it stands for.

    Build a relationship. Don’t be the preacher.

    When it comes to effective video marketing, building a relationship with your consumers is the need of the hour. Being preachy and always talking in a formal tone may not work in all scenarios nowadays. Just like almost every Marvel superhero has a story to tell that makes the audience relate and be part of his or her struggle, marketers must make consumers a part of their brand journey.

    Find the Jarvis (agency) to your Iron Man

    All Marvel superheroes have a support system in place to help them execute their superhuman actions. Just like J.A.R.V.I.S, the AI assistant, which runs and takes care of all the internal systems of Stark's buildings and the Iron Man suits, an agency that understands your video marketing needs inside out can be a valuable partner in carrying out your superhero-like marketing actions.

    Keeping in mind the content consumption habits of today's consumers, marketers must lay particular emphasis on communicating their brand story through compelling videos. Just like how Marvel superhero movies achieve big blockbuster successes time and again by understanding the viewers’ psyche, marketers need to know what consumers want from their brand and deliver their marketing messages accordingly.

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      • The Strategist
      • June 16, 2020

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