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    Inclusive User Experience and its impact


    Inclusive User Experience and its impact

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    Whether it is an app or a website, UX or User Experience matters a lot for companies' online success. As users determine whether the website or application is good enough and meets their specific requirements, UX design should be done very carefully. No wonder the UX design efforts are always aimed at designing products and services that are useful, easy to use, and delightful to interact with for a visitor. 

    Like UI or User Interface, UX has become vital for business success for the companies that aim to acquire customers online. However, it’s pretty essential to understand that despite UI and UX sounding similar and to some extent appearing similar, there is a vast difference between the two. For instance, whereas UI is a vital part of website design where the user is served with the right tools to find out the required information or service, it may not necessarily be easy for their brain to process. A UX designer comes in handy in such a situation as he helps the website incorporate the required changes that can enhance the user experience. 

    Why should companies focus on UX?

    Companies should lay particular emphasis on UX to enhance the inclusiveness of digital products. A user experience that is user-friendly to the broadest range of people. People using digital products such as websites come from various backgrounds and have diverse life experiences. They interact differently with the world, including the way they interact with websites or apps. By providing them with an inclusive User Experience, brands can make sure that their digital products can be used by a maximum number of people. 

    ‘Customer is king’ - although it sounds quite a cliché, in UX, it is definitely the basic rule as the role of UX is to meet their specific requirements, which is to make the entire experience intuitive. An organisation can get a huge website developed with plenty of information and elaborate work on UI, but if it did not focus on UX, the entire exercise could be a failure. Visitors do not necessarily like a massive chunk of data or information. Instead, they prefer an uncluttered look where it is easy to get the required information as quickly as possible. 

    When visitors are presented with information in a simplified and uncluttered manner, their brain is able to process it and make meaningful decisions. However, when plenty of information is served at one place, it could lead to ‘cognitive overload’ where the visitor fails to make the head and tail of the available information. The best practice for any UX designer could be to focus on simplicity and striking off anything that obfuscates the purpose of the business. With the help of a UX designing company, an organisation could develop a website that offers a fantastic user experience. 

    High-end UX Design for SEO Friendly Websites 

    In over a decade, Google has tried to give high impetus to website quality parameters. User-friendly websites with excellent UX rank up in SERP as Google's algorithm gives higher value to this feature. Therefore, the organisations that are looking for higher ranks in search engine results must work on the following:

    • SEO friendly layouts are of paramount importance and for that UX Design is fundamental 
    • Uncluttered and uncomplicated website navigation is a big positive for a website 
    • Working on search data to let site architecture know about the same works tremendously in favour of the website 
    • Apart from optimising the site load speed and reduced time frame of the website, ensuring mobile responsiveness is quite vital 
    • Smaller paragraphs tend to score higher in making a website user-friendly and enhances its User Experience. Therefore, breaking up the web content into smaller paragraphs or bullet points ensures a great SEO response 
    • Imagery has a significant influence on the visitors, especially if it is self-explanatory. Therefore, working on illustrations could be an excellent tool for website optimisation. However, make sure the images are lightweight. 

    Better conversion rates and repeat business 

    A fantastic user experience enables the users to look for information they are looking for quickly and easily and takes them to the next stage of their buyer journey. This significantly boosts the conversion rates and bring more business. Moreover, a website providing a great user experience will likely attract repeat visitors and generate increased business from regular customers. 

    The online world is increasingly getting cluttered. Businesses must emphasise the user experience of their website to attract their target audience effectively to reduce their customer acquisition costs and get continual business from current customers. With vast experience and expertise at its disposal, Pulp Strategy is well placed to enable you to build a website that offers an unmatched user experience. 

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      • June 23, 2021

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