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    Creative tech and consumer engagement delight


    Creative tech and consumer engagement delight

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    The advent of smartphones with high-resolution cameras about a decade ago resulted in the selfie trend picking up worldwide. Youngsters were the first to adopt it as a form of self-expression, which was later followed by people from other age groups. Within a few years, the word ‘selfie' became a part of the common lexicon. After enjoying huge popularity for a while, the selfie trend has now started losing steam, especially among youngsters. Today’s youth are looking for new ways to express themselves on social media.

    The emergence of digital technology and social media provided brands with new ways to creatively engage their customers. Brands found an easy and cost-effective way to stay connected with their customers by posting engaging content on social media regularly. Through a variety of posts including static, video, GIF, 360-degree and boomerang, brands were successful in keeping their customers abreast with the benefits of their offerings and new launches. Now, things have now started to change as there is increased clutter on social media. Quality content creation and regular posting aren’t enough to keep the customers engaged nowadays.

    Creative technologies are successfully addressing this need gap faced by both brands and their customers. They include a wide gamut of technologies that spur online engagement like:

    1. Camera Filters – These filters let social media users beautify their pictures. Brands can customise these filters as per their communication messaging.
    2. Stickers – Seen quite commonly in Facebook and Instagram stories, stickers are ready to use design elements that can be placed on static image or videos. They enhance the visual appeal of the stories and provide ample opportunities for customization to brands.
    1. Augmented Reality Lenses – These lenses bring the real and virtual world together and help create memorable brand experiences for the target audience. A wide range of interesting engagements can be created with AR lenses as it is possible to control and activate elements in them with facial expressions like opening the mouth and eyes, moving the head, tapping the screen and moving the hand.
    1. Facebook Live Poll Facebook Live Poll is a great way to elicit responses on questions posed by brands from fans and followers on social media. It lets fans use two different buttons to respond to the questions.

    At Pulp Strategy, we are instrumental in creating immersive engagements for our clients using creative technologies. Some of them include:

    1. AR engagement for a cosmetic brand: Employing facial tracking technology, this AR-powered engagement allows users to change the sunglass, lipstick colour and virtual crown with a tap on the screen.
    1. Scan and read: Users can scan an object with their smartphone camera and see the video or a brochure linked to it. 
    1. AR with facial gestures: This AR application enables users to control a set of frames and objects with gestures like blink, wink, opening or closing of the mouth, and head movements to the left and right.

    Give wings to your marketing initiatives with the latest creative technologies.
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      • July 9, 2019

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