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    All aboard the chatbot! Well actually wait and take a step back. Where are you really aiming to reach? Let’s dwell on that before we jump aboard, mainly because in today’s economy all the promises of lower cost, consistent performance, slashed training fees, multi-lingual capabilities, seamless lead nurturing, Artificial Intelligence, effective customer conversation, etc. are really attractive! As that should be. And yes an artificial intelligence chatbot will help you get all of the above and probably a lot more.  Read More

    Posted by On February 10, 2020

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    Presenting brands with infinite opportunities, the baby care segment in India is estimated to achieve a growth rate of 17% by 2019. But competing in the childcare category is 'no child's play'. Especially if your brand caters to a niche of breastfeeding young moms. These moms consume digital media and shop in remarkably different ways compared to any other segment. Here’s how Philips Avent came up with a clutter-breaking Niche Marketing campaign for ‘World Breastfeeding Week.’

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    Posted by On August 1, 2018

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