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    Is Your Beauty Brand Growing in the Right Direction?


    Is Your Beauty Brand Growing in the Right Direction?

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    Digital marketing is expected to play a big role in the future of marketing for beauty brands in India. With the increasing penetration of the internet and mobile phones, more people are spending time online. This provides a great opportunity for beauty brands to reach out to their consumers through digital channels. So, are you growing your beauty brand in the right direction?

    The last couple of years has redefined the beauty industry. Large beauty corporates and start-ups have been forced to adapt to the evolving consumer behaviour and expectations. With the onset of the pandemic, the in-store sales dipped, and many brands switched to manufacturing hand sanitisers and cleaning agents. Some also offered free beauty services for the frontline workers. Parallelly, the industry leaders stepped up to ensure that their brands survive. 

    With the pandemic slowly behind us, beauty brands and businesses are facing several challenges, not just in e-commerce but with their digital marketing strategies as well. However, the pandemic has consumers more connected than ever, and with the rapid evolution of technology and its adoption, it has become drastically easier to communicate with customers globally through various channels, content and platforms. Let's deep dive and find out the best digital marketing strategies to grow your beauty brand in the right direction.

    Digital Strategies to Grow Your Beauty Brand

    Invest in SEO

    Investing in SEO is one of the best ways to ensure that your beauty brand appears at the top of search engine results pages. When potential customers are searching for products or services like yours, you want them to see your brand first. There are several different SEO tactics you can use to improve your ranking, such as keyword research, optimizing your website for mobile devices, and creating high-quality content.

    Use Social Media

    Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to reach a large audience quickly and easily. Make sure that your beauty brand has a strong presence on all of the major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Use social media to share engaging content, offer promotions and discounts, and connect with potential customers.

    Implement an Email Marketing Campaign

    Email marketing is another effective way to reach your target audience. Send out monthly newsletters with information about new beauty products, upcoming sales, or tips on how to use your products. You can also use email marketing to run special promotions or offer coupons and discounts.

    Invest in Paid Advertising

    Paid advertising, such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, can be a great way to get your beauty brand in front of potential customers. When done correctly, paid advertising can be very effective in driving traffic to your website or online store.

    Create Compelling Content

    One of the best ways to market your beauty brand is by creating high-quality content that potential customers will find valuable. This could include blog posts, infographics, tutorial videos, guides or even e-Books. Make sure that your content is well-written, informative, and relevant to your target audience. If you can create content that provides value, you’ll be more likely to convert leads into customers.

    Leverage Influencer Marketing

    To create a successful influencer marketing campaign, you need to identify relevant influencers and reach out to them about collaborating. Additionally, you should provide them with clear guidelines about what you're looking for and offer them an incentive for promoting your beauty brand.

    Use Retargeting Ads

    Retargeting ads are another effective way to reach out to potential customers online. There are many different types of retargeting ads that you can use, so it's important to experiment with a few different options to see what works best for your brand. Additionally, you should target your ads to specific demographics, interests, and even locations.

    Creating a strong website

    Last but not least, one of the most important aspects of digital marketing is having a strong and effective website. Indian beauty brands can use their website to showcase their products and services, as well as provide information about the brand itself. It is also important to make sure that the website is optimised for search engines so that it appears higher up in the search results.

    Indian Beauty Brands Growing in the Right Direction

    Lakme India

    One of the leading Indian beauty brands, Lakme has been at the forefront of digital marketing in India. The brand has a strong presence on social media, with over 2 million followers on Instagram. Lakme regularly posts engaging content that promotes its products and services. It also uses influencer marketing to reach out to its target audience. 

    In 2019, a new trend caught the attention of people worldwide. It was a FaceApp that transforms the face and makes you look younger, older or change your gender.  Lakme pounced on the opportunity and began discussions around anti-ageing. As per the company, with its Lakme Absolute Youth Infinity Skin Range, the brand quickly garnered eyeballs by hopping on #FaceAppChallenged and drove the social media traffic in its favour. The campaign became an instant hit among fans and influencers.

    Avon India

    Avon is another popular Indian beauty brand that uses digital marketing to reach out to its customers. The brand has a strong social media presence and regularly posts content that promotes its products and services while also using influencer marketing to reach out to its target audience. 

    Avon took the initiative to spread awareness around breast cancer in October 2019. Its #BreastBreak campaign, in partnership with Pulp Strategy, was a grand success as real survivors walked the ramp at India Runway Week. Thousands of people came forward to support the breast cancer survivors, real experts spread awareness around breast cancer, and real advocates and influencers made the event a unique experience.

    The Body Shop India

    The Body Shop is a popular international beauty brand that has a strong presence in India. The brand's regular approach to social media is to keep content fresh, simple and relevant to the Indian audiences. Their social media handles reflect their product launches, usage, benefits, offers and a focus on topical subjects. 

    In 2020, the brand started #TimeToCare, a brand campaign launched to engage followers in conversations about self-care, at-home rituals, as well as well-being, including a focus on mental health and happiness. The campaign became very popular among the target audience.


    Nykaa is a popular Indian beauty retailer that uses digital marketing to reach out to its customers. The brand has a strong social media presence, with over 2 million followers on Instagram. Nykaa utilises YouTube as a strong platform for its marketing strategies. 

    It has a YouTube channel called 'Nykaa TV' that provides individuals with video assistance for utilising cosmetics and fashion products and staying with the trends in society. It does not sell its items on its YouTube channel. Instead, it focuses on providing its target audiences with consumable content such as beauty, personal care tips, makeup hacks, and much more. 

    What Does the Future Hold?

    Looking at the current state of the beauty industry in India, it is safe to say that the future of marketing for beauty brands looks very promising. With the increasing awareness about skincare and makeup products, more and more people are becoming conscious of their appearance. This is leading to a rise in demand for beauty products, which in turn is giving a boost to the sales of these products.

    As more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of taking care of their skin, the demand for skin care products is expected to rise in the coming years. This will create a big opportunity for beauty brands to grow their business in India. In order to tap into this opportunity, beauty brands will need to focus on creating innovative marketing campaigns that can reach out to the target audience and create a strong brand recall.

    In conclusion, the future of marketing for beauty brands in India looks very promising. Digital media is expected to play a big role in the future of marketing for beauty brands in India. 

    If you are looking to grow your beauty brand in the right direction, Pulp Strategy is your one-stop solution. One of the leading strategic marketing agencies in India, it offers a plethora of services that can help you establish your beauty brand in a competitive market.

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