A “strategist” always focuses on reality while exploring possibilities. We strategists are a quirky and dedicated lot. You can expect our solutions to be delightfully innovative yet hardworking, at times shocking but always clutter breaking.
Pulp Strategy” is founded on the belief that customized, strategic brand activation solutions integrate, creativity, consumer insight, technology and practical creativity to deliver measurable results for your brands.

Led by a strong and highly experienced management team that has developed some of the most powerful and applauded activations in the recent past Each Strategist is an experienced professional committed to developing and implementing Brand Activation modules via Consumer Connect Strategies working closely with our clients as partners in meeting marketing objectives.

"ATHENA" our unique online project tracking system is dedicated to providing transparency. It enables real-time reports and visuals anywhere in India or accoss the Globe. If you are a client, please use your login to access, your project information here.
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Marketing to Youth, the Largest buyer of everything from mobiles to Motorbikes, Apparels to LCD’s, brimming with Impulse purchase and eCommerce the segment is fast going global. With an average time spent of 45 mins per consumer our set of 3000+ youth I cafes cater to a daily captive audience of 1.9 Lac Global Indians every day across 50+ cities.Contact, communicate, engage, drive trials and retain your consumers with an enhanced ROI driven plan for the youth consumer.