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    Overhaul festive marketing strategy as per evolving consumer behaviour

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    The Covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things for businesses. Consumer tastes and preferences and their buying behaviours have seen a considerable transformation. As we enter into the festive season, the demand for goods and services is all set to see an uptick. Since marketers made a rapid transition to digital from traditional means of reaching consumers during the pandemic, the role of online will be crucial in the marketing success of brands during the festivals. 

    So, here are 7 ways you can alter your festive marketing strategies with evolving customer behaviour:

    1. Creating user-generated content

    Before creating content, a good marketer should take into consideration the needs of consumers. They like to interact with user-generated posts, which in turn provides valuable insights to the company and helps them in formulating marketing strategies. So, during the festive season, develop content that is engaging and has got a festive feel to it. 

    2. Shift from showrooms to webrooms

    Since COVID-19 decreased the in-person experience, companies devised new plans to bring the showroom to customers online, known as webrooms. In webrooms, people can explore a vast variety of products digitally via e-commerce websites, and apps without making an appearance in the brick and mortar store. Customers can now explore the brands online and shop for festivities.

    3. Use relevant hashtags

    A hashtag is an integral component of social media. It has helped businesses and people to connect with users all around the globe. During the festive season, people upload their celebratory moments on the web and use hashtags to gain more followers, likes, comments and enhance user engagements. Brands need to make the most of this period and promote their products and services on their social media platforms by using relevant hashtags. This will bring more web traffic to their pages, and in turn, will lead to increased awareness and conversions. 

    4. Start a festive video marketing campaign

    Launching a video marketing campaign for your business can help communicate your brand message to millions of people around the world. Adding the campaign video to your website and social media pages will encourage new users to know more about your brand. Weave an engaging story around your brand in your videos and add a festive touch to them for maximum impact. 

    5. Understand your customer

    Devise and implement your festive marketing strategy based on an in-depth understanding of your customers. Analyze their expectations or behaviour towards your brand. If the marketing campaign doesn’t match it, go ahead and change it to ensure maximum effectiveness. A good marketeer should always execute campaigns that are expected to be received by customers. 

    6. Give free gifts or rewards

    People give gifts to their loved ones during the festive season. Introduce the idea of offering rewards or gifts to customers on the purchase of your brand’s products or services. 

    Launch feature discounts and special offers on your products and services whenever possible to make your brand stand out. 

    7. Launch your marketing campaign early

    A proper marketing plan has to be devised and implemented in time to ensure its success. Develop marketing campaigns on time and make sure that the right content is shared at the right time.

    Festivals are a great time to accelerate business recovery and growth. Leveraging a better understanding of your customers' tastes and preferences you can develop an effective marketing strategy for your brand. Implementing it as per the plan can help you realize your sales objectives. In the process, you can analyze data and draw valuable insights to make your future marketing campaigns more effective.  

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      • The Strategist
      • October 12, 2021

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