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    Create long-term impact by tapping into trending moments


    Create long-term impact by tapping into trending moments

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    With people's attention spans becoming shorter, moment marketing has come of age. It focuses on producing consumable content that takes advantage of current ‘in vogue’ trends. Nothing compares to being able to link pop culture to your business image. With so many companies competing for consumer attention today, and so many advertisements being skipped on TV or OTT platforms, marketers have resorted to capitalizing on memorable moments that consumers are talking about or creating such unique moments on a digital platform. It's not only cost-effective but also helps companies connect with their customers in ways that encourage both long-term engagement and impulse purchases. It is, however, easier said than done. There is no shortage of campaigns that fail to catch up, although a lengthy list of brands carries off moment marketing successfully. 

    5 ways to ensure moment marketing works for your brand 

    1. Identify which trends would work for you 

    You must carefully choose between trends and assess the vital factor of each piece of current news for yourself. Use social listening tools to learn about your audience's interests and use that information in your content development strategy. It is widely agreed that staying away from anything political is a good idea. At the same time, unique or eye-catching pieces of information can be shaped in any way you like.

    2. Create Shareable, Entertaining Content 

    Anything transitory, likeable, and tolerable to others is considered topical. However, don't underestimate the importance of comedy in user engagement. With Facebook/Instagram’s algorithms pounding down on organic reach, creating hilarious content is one of the few remaining methods to go viral. However, don't take this to an offensive level. Make sure you stay clear of such unseen hazards while still emphasizing a message/call to action in keeping with your brand requirements.

    3. Integrate Pop Culture in Your Messaging 

    Collectible, well-known examples of movies and TV operas are eternal jewels for recycling material in pop culture. They are so subjective and open-ended that they may be utilised when used wisely in any sort of communication. Pop culture is exemplified by memes. Some fans can't help but participate with the material when they see their favourite shows and characters discussed in context online.

    4. Never hard sell

    When there is a relevant relationship between your commercial and an ongoing trend, moment marketing works best. Try not to put your name next to anything that isn't directly or even tangentially related to the brand name. If done correctly, you should notice an increase in engagement over time. If not, the decision to listen in might backfire and turn nasty. Remember, the ultimate goal is to integrate brand-related conversations into current events. The more natural your connection to the news, the better it is.

    5. Do not chase every trend 

    Don't waste your time on fad trends that may make the news but don't necessarily convert into engagement success for your company. Instead, return to seeing your audience's developing interests, so you can make an informed judgement when it comes to expanding on the buzz of a faraway incident. However, if you're focusing on current news, make sure it's worth your time and effort.

    6. Take care of the legalities 

    There are clear boundaries and guidelines for moment marketing that companies should not breach. Using celebrities’ images for marketing purposes could have legal and financial implications. While it is wonderful for celebrities to be spoken about, some would like to profit from the situation. If a company using their images and name to attract customers, they could expect to be paid for it. So, to avoid your moment marketing efforts from backfiring and affect your brand reputation, you must ensure all legalities are taken care of. 

    Moment marketing isn't a new concept. Brands recognizing its immediate impact, on the other hand, demonstrate how helpful a tool it is. It is simply one of the numerous marketing tools that can be utilized to make an impression every now and then. A flash of brilliance in moment marketing can be more successful than a well-thought-out campaign on occasion since viewers will remember that moment. So, make sure to follow these steps and use them to your brand's advantage.

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      • The Strategist
      • August 10, 2021

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