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    Presenting brands with infinite opportunities, the baby care segment in India is estimated to achieve a growth rate of 17% by 2019. But competing in the childcare category is 'no child's play'. Especially if your brand caters to a niche of breastfeeding young moms. These moms consume digital media and shop in remarkably different ways compared to any other segment. Here’s how Philips Avent came up with a clutter-breaking Niche Marketing campaign for ‘World Breastfeeding Week.’

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    On a Sunday morning, my 7 year old kid asked me for an onion-mushroom pizza, to be served to him within the next hour. He also gave me a clear directive to order the pizza over Facebook and not the old fashioned way, over-the-phone. I wondered how he knew food can be ordered over Facebook! It’s something I must admit ignorance to. I asked him about the pizza brand he would like to order and he promptly told me what he wanted. It wasn’t a very famous brand; in fact the pizza he asked for was from a local shop which had been posting pictures of delicious-looking pizzas on its Facebook timeline. I discovered that my prodigal child had already liked their page! It could only mean that they must be promoting themselves well, I thought.

    Give wings to your product, get connected with Social Media

    Social Media MarketingIs social media so powerful that it hasn’t even missed capturing a 7 year old child’s attention? It’s quite a probability and I’d wanted to find out more, so I busied myself over ordering that pizza. There was only one tiny problem. I did not know how to go about the task assigned to me! I asked my son if he wished to help me out. He agreed and asked for my cell phone, logged in to his Facebook account and in a matter of seconds was discussing the sizeable pizza menu with me before finally making up his mind.

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