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Experiential Marketing Agency

Our offerings have evolved to keep with the market and the marketer's needs from an agency. Our methods have evolved to ensure that we have better flexibility and tighter monitoring in order to create stronger offerings and solutions.

Integrated Marketing Agency
Communication Agency

The Vision - To enable and participate in the development of instilling a culture which has People, Process, Product and Profit-ability at its core.

Data-Driven Creative Solution
Internet Marketing Agency
Internet Marketing Agency

Our value construct is set up to deliver comprehensive program management, which reduces waste, increases effectiveness and allows for constructive integration.

Experiential Marketing Agency

The Values - At Pulp Strategy, we know that we are a single force of excellence, driven by a collective of individual voices. We foster a culture that enhances individual creativity and teamwork, honoring values, mutual trust and respect while maintaining uncompromising principles of honesty, disruption, creativity, technology enablement, agility and result orientation.

Integrated Marketing Agency

"Brainstorming sessions are the meeting of all meetings. Originality, quality, detail, storytelling, technology, strategy – all in a stroke."

Communication Agency
Communication Agency
Data-Driven Creative Solution
Internet Marketing Company

"Pulp Strategy is a full-service interactive, digital communications and technology agency, transforming solutioning with creative storytelling that translates into effective data-driven marketing initiatives of scale in the humanized digital era."

Communication Agency
Communication Agency

"Every month, we have a 'Sparkplug' session - people come together to build something crazy in random teams. I built a LEGO motorcycle, a card castle, a hand painted birdhouse, even planted a garden! It's a great way to build rapport at work."

"People, culture and expectations here are really different from the other organizations, which makes it comfortable for new people to contribute their best."

"Our daily scrum meetings put the day in focus. It's where we come up for solutions to any roadblocks people have."

Experiential Marketing Agency

Our Clients

We partner with leading global brands and businesses across the world, helping them build omni-channel marketing practices, and create sustainable relationships with their consumers.

It was not an easy campaign, but you and your talented team were able to make the best out of it. Your team and you have always worked in a very diligent manner. I would like to thank and congratulate you for the great job; DW looks forward to working together with Pulp Strategy.

Lead, Distribution Asia/Australia, Deutsche Welle

Ambika- must say, this was excellently executed. Both the pre-planning and execution were seamless. Nothing like hearing great feedback on difficult and varied types of audiences in terms of age, culture etc. It is a pleasure to work with your superb team and you on interesting initiatives such as these. Let’s continue to partner and make FY15 even more innovative and exciting. Kudos to you folks!

Business Planning & Strategy - Key Account Lead & Business Development, Microsoft Corporation

Just AWESOME! This was a first for Google Play, globally, and to have won an award for it goes to show the effort and the quality of execution that went in. Full credit to the team for putting their hearts into this project. All that effort (incl. training) was totally worth it. We should get together to celebrate soon. Look forward to more such wins in the near future.

Product Marketing Manager, Android, Google India

Great news Ambika. Congratulations for a great idea very well executed. And we are seeing the results. Congratulations to your team and you. Once again, really happy to partner with you and thank you so much for all this recognition. You make us look good!

MarCom Lead, Microsoft India

Ambika, I would like to congratulate your team and you for your contributions and helping grab these 3 awards for us. While these are campaigns with multi-agency involvement, it's great to see you drive a key role, take ownership and collaborate beyond the call of duty to ensure success. It’s a great recognition and we are happy to partner with you. Thank you.

MarComLead, Microsoft India

Super... Thanks for all your support in landing the Chrome campaign within a
super-complex environment.

Head of Consumer Marketing, Google India

I have had the pleasure of interacting with Ambika, both, at Microsoft and NEC. Ambika is an astute professional who gets to the 'root' of the 'client's requirement' and has an excellent ability to ideate, conceptualize and execute on innovative properties. Operational and executional excellence coupled with total commitment to surpassing the client's requirement has always been a mantra that she has driven a team towards.

Associate Vice President & Country Manager, Sales & Marketing, NEC India Pvt. Ltd.

Ambika's most prominent strength is her ability to come up with sharp, well-thought out creative ideas and out-of-the-box programs that address a brand's objectives, are well detailed and are backed by strong execution capabilities. I have enjoyed working with Ambika and look forward to this continued association in the years to come.

Marketing Manager - Car Oils, Castrol India (BP)

A super thanks to Pulp Strategy for pulling everything together seamlessly :) Fab work.

Director Marketing, Personal Care, Philips India