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Campaign Tracker


Campaign Tracker App by Pulp Strategy is available as a white label user based licensed product.

A user or an RSP success platform for industries is the need of the hour, one which gives you solutions that you could adapt to quickly, transform business with and succeed. A campaign tracker is such a management solution application that empowers the SMEs to track, manage and communicate effectively and effortlessly with the RSPs involved in a campaign, irrespective of their locations. It covers communication, tracking and location of the field force working on a particular campaign, ensuring private and secure data-sharing like campaign details, user details, location, images and forms. The campaign tracker blends application and intelligence to give a cutting-edge experience that automatically tracks an activity and proposes a robust integration of the RSPs with their campaigns, and in turn their supervisors. A success platform that wraps around critical data and processes, frees them from silos and connects everything to everything else in a whole new way. The campaign tracker was built on the Android platform with JAVA, XML as the scripting language. MySQL database and PHP as the server side coding language was deployed at the backend. The tools used were Pencil Wireframing Tool, Just in mind Prototyping Tool, Photoshop, Illustrator, Invisionapp.