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    Your blockbuster offerings deserve a superhit landing page


    Your blockbuster offerings deserve a superhit landing page

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    Making a great movie isn’t enough in today’s business environment, wherein several productions jostle for screens in theatres across the country every Friday. No wonder, the art of making thrilling trailers is a continually evolving one globally. Producers hire renowned professionals who are adept at making trailers. Striking and catchy sequences from the movie are beautifully edited. Engineers spend hours mastering the sound effects. Mind-blowing visual effects are used to leave the viewers amazed.

    Why is all this done? Why is so much effort put into creating trailers? Why do producers and studios don’t think twice before loosening their purse string when it comes to creating trailers? The answer is not very hard to find. All this is done to generate interest in the film among the viewers, enhance their curiosity and make them book tickets to ensure its box office success.

    Similarly, at the digital marketing box office, the success or failure depends on how strategically you have developed the landing pages for your online campaigns. You need to be clear and concise and get to the point quickly to arouse and maintain the interest level of the target audience. The words and phrases used should be compelling and evocative. The headline should be eye-catching and convey the critical benefit of the product, or problem in the life of the customer it solves. The image used should evoke the desired feeling in the minds of customers. And, last but not the least, there should be one specific call to action, and the CTA button should be easily discoverable.

    Spending time and effort on developing the user interface design of landing pages could go a long way in achieving a range of marketing objectives. Some of the goals that you can realize by doing this include lead generation, successful up-sells or cross-sells, enhanced social media engagement, and ensuring the desired app downloads.

    Now, as a marketer, how can you determine whether the landing page developed for your campaign will work? The findings of a recent survey mentioned below could be of great help to you in this regard.

    • 1 CTA (links) landing pages have an average conversion rate of 13.50%. While the corresponding figure for pages with 5 or more links is 10.50%.
    • Pages that don’t require image compression have an average conversion rate of 11.40%. On the other hand, pages with over 1MB of potential image compression have an average conversion rate of 9.80%. While developing the UI design, this fact should always be kept in mind.
    • Pages having social proof have an average conversion rate of 12.50% while the same for pages without social proof is 11.40%.
    • Mobile landing pages that are responsive have an average conversion rate of 11.70%.  The corresponding figure for those that are not mobile responsive is 10.70%. Therefore, your mobile UI design should always factor in page responsiveness on varied mobile screen sizes.
    • Word-count-conscious pages have an average conversion rate of 14.30%, while the pages with too much copy have an average conversion rate of 11.70%.

    Keeping the aforementioned best practices in mind, you can get the user experience design right and realize the expected returns from online campaigns. At Pulp Strategy, we are instrumental in helping our clients achieve better ROI from online campaigns with well-written and designed landing page.

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      • June 4, 2019

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