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    Why your brand needs  a virtual showroom now


    Why your brand needs a virtual showroom now

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    Marked by significant shifts in consumer behaviour and the buyer journey, the post-lockdown world will be full of challenges for businesses. According to the Pivot to Digital: 90 Days and Beyond Report by Pulp Strategy, 55% of Indians will increase their online spends in comparison to pre-pandemic levels. The same report also says that 52% of consumers show intent to switch retailers and shop from new websites. These fast-paced developments have made embracing ecommerce and taking the business online crucial for businesses.

    Virtual showrooms in such a scenario have become a viable option for brands in offering consumers with compelling user experience and ensuring conversions in the new business landscape. By allowing consumers to take a virtual tour of the showroom, explore products and product-related content, watch videos to learn more about the product features and benefits and check out offers, deals and financing options quickly, virtual showrooms open a new world of engagement possibilities. Brands can even have appointment-based live demos for high-value products wherein sales representatives can explain how the product works and its benefits through a live feed from one of the physical stores.

    Any brand can set up a virtual showroom

    While virtual showrooms can be more effective for some brands, any brand, irrespective of its size and nature of the business can set up a virtual showroom and ensure conversions by offering consumers with compelling experiences. Even a brand having no retail stores can join the virtual showroom bandwagon, as the entire showroom can be created online in 3D graphics. It will empower brands to provide an interactive shopping experience, boost engagements levels, generate valuable marketing data and expand their market base.

    Offers flexibility and spurs consumer experience with technology

    One of the most exciting aspects of virtual showrooms is their unmatched flexibility. They enable brands to exercise complete control over the consumer experience and make changes to it as and when required.

    Another critical aspect of the virtual showroom is the use of technology to enhance engagements levels. A wide range of technologies, including AR and VR, can be used in virtual showrooms to provide consumers with captivating experiences.

    4 must-haves to build an amazing Virtual Showroom experience

    Text and Image Hotspots

    Create hotspots for product descriptions, images and videos, and place them at strategic locations inside the virtual showroom to offer additional information and help consumers continue on their buyer journey.

    Navigational Hotspots

    This is where you make your showroom interactive as navigation allows the visitors to roam around the store in different directions in search of what they want. Planning and implementing these hotspots will enable you to provide a consumer experience similar to retail stores.

    Create a Floor Plan

    A well-thought floor plan based on consumer shopping behaviour can go a long way in helping consumers orient themselves in the virtual showroom and navigate with ease. It is vital in large showrooms wherein the chances of consumers unable to find what they are looking for and losing interest are significantly higher.

    Customised Branding

    Brands need to give a thought to customised branding inside the virtual showroom so that consumers can recognise the brand quickly and the experiences it offers. It will go a long way in strengthening the brand and company image.

    Virtual showrooms are the future of retail, and brands must embrace them to survive and grow in the times to come. While doing so, brands should lay particular emphasis on providing compelling customer experiences based on an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour and the use of technology.

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      • The Strategist
      • June 30, 2020

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