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    Why product design is crucial for start-up success


    Why product design is crucial for start-up success

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    "Designing a product is designing a relationship". - Steve Rogers, Head of Production, BBC Media

    Product design is a great way to link the customer needs to attributes, and helps add value to the product and attract customers. It is a long process of idea generation and development, revolving around the goal of ensuring reliability, cost-effectiveness, quality, performance and ease of use all at the same time. Most of the times, the success or failure of a product or service largely depends on the product design. 

    Why good product design is important

    Product design can make or mar a product’s market fortunes. Here’re a few reasons why you should lay special emphasis on getting it right.

    Attracts more customers, giving an organization an edge over the competition.

    Brings the concept, the package and the process together.

    Meets the needs of customers, enhances customer satisfaction levels and enhances profitability.  

    Replaces obsolete and old designs with new ones to boost the product's acceptability and facilitate increased usage.

    Creativity and innovation are crucial to developing an impressive product design. Being at the forefront of innovation to meet the unmet customer needs, startups have extended the frontiers of product design in the last few decades. With user-friendly product designs, startups have surprised their customers, achieved market expansion and developed new revenue streams successfully.

    Our life-stage based custom services are aimed at helping idea-stage startups do just that. These services enable startups to navigate their journey from idea to scale up, and include a wide gamut of services, including early-stage consulting, proof-of-concept, product design and development (MVP & MMP), market strategy, customer analytics, insights, brand framework, product videos, ASO and post-introduction product improvement.

    Since the product and market development are based on the idea of ‘less is more’, the enterprises often find it difficult identifying the ‘less’ part of the operations. This is where our suite of services help. We exactly know the functions and strategies that are a must to develop products and the ideal marketing practices for them.

    Want to build a lean and nimble product design, meticulously packed with the features for your startup? Click here to get in touch with our experts.  

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      • September 20, 2019

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