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    Why Data Intelligence is Essential for Marketing Organisations?


    Why Data Intelligence is Essential for Marketing Organisations?

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    The marketing initiatives conducted in a particular residential area had been yielding slightly strange patterns in terms of returns. Some of the highly capital-intensive campaigns received a lukewarm response, whereas other marketing initiatives generated results which were much better than anticipated. This pattern was strange in nature because it contradicted the tendencies of the neighbourhood areas. But the actual cause for this development simply remained hidden from plain sight.

    In reality, the trend emerged because the residential area was densely populated with youngsters, a figure which was very high compared to its nearby regions. The brands receiving a positive response were also digitally active and hence, triggered better engagement. With only few leveraging this unique advantage, a large number of marketers relied on their hit or miss approach, wondering about the erratic results.

    Today, intelligent systems are paving the way for a more futuristic tomorrow. Digital technologies have taken the world under their influence and are generating a massive trail of data. This data is high quality in nature and is known for its volume, velocity, as well as variety, all of which offer something or the other to a marketer. Another critical aspect is that since this data comes directly from customers, it offers an unprecedented accuracy which far outweighs the predominant data collection techniques used for devising marketing techniques. These characteristics of data prove to be a strong determiner while planning the marketing initiatives for a brand and enable a marketer to go beyond and test their creative experimentation with an insight-driven approach which yields better results.

    Data Intelligence – Leveraging Ultramodern Technologies

    As the prominence of technology increases, data intelligence is giving impetus to the marketing operations and is making them more efficient and effective. Today, marketers are deploying digital systems as well as avant-garde technologies to ensure that they target their customers with a higher degree of precision. State-of-the-art technologies such as Machine Learning and Big Data analytics are being used to understand the shift in customer demands and preferences. They do not merely enable nimble operations, but also provide real-time, in-depth insights which largely go unnoticed otherwise.

    The advent of smartphones is amplifying both, the quality as well as the quantity of the data. It is providing critical information to businesses that they can press into service to enhance their marketing strategy. Mobile applications, for instance, help in more effective profiling of consumers. This enables marketers to deliver highly personalised experiences across online as well as offline touchpoints. Modern systems also offer businesses improved visibility in terms of location and allow them tapping of the usage pattern of users without privacy intrusion. This enhances the customer-centric data and paves the way for online and offline marketing campaigns with a clinical precision.

    Data intelligence also facilitates a shift from a reactive approach to a more proactive and intuitive one. Sentiment analysis, for example, enables marketers to identify what their target customers are more interested in. It gives them the smallest details which can add to the quality of their marketing campaigns and generate better results. Sentiment analysis can also fetch superior feedback for new product development, while eliminating a marketer’s dependence on the exhaustive feedback form. Apart from this, data intelligence also enables an organisation to implement process enhancement and helps in detection and elimination of bottlenecks.

    In this age of rapid digitisation, data intelligence is giving marketers an unprecedented edge over others and converting prevalent adversities into advantages.The biggest reason to adopt data intelligence might as well be the fact that even if you don’t, someone else will. This, by itself, trims your chances of surviving in the marketing jungle known for its fierce and unforgiving competitiveness.

      • Posted By
      • Ambika Sharma - Chief Strategist at Pulp Strategy
      • March 6, 2018

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