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    Video marketing could be your game changer


    Video marketing could be your game changer

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    Video marketing, over the last few years, has changed the face of internet marketing. It has become quite a trend, which has left the other practices way behind. From simple DIY tutorials to blogs slowly converting into vlogs, videos are everywhere. Marketers have smartly caught the right nerve of their customers. They are increasingly building brand trust through both audio and visuals. We, as customers and humans first, binge watch videos as our brains can process it 60,000 times faster than any written text.

    Videos are entertaining and have a better recall value, hence they can improve the conversion rate by 80%.

    Do’s when using the video as a marketing tool

    • Use a thumbnail of a smiling human face. Playing psychologically, it would help you have a better chance of getting clicked and watched, as smiles are a universal symbol of friendliness and positivity. According to a 5-week long A/B testing on images of two people – one smiling and the other not – the smiling image increased the clicks by 10.7%.
    • After investing a lot in video creation, always ensure proper returns on it. Post the video on various social networks, embed them in your newsletters and publish it on your YouTube channel. Simply put, help your video reach your target audience through every mean possible.
    • Make sure that your video optimization is in place. It is necessary for Google and YouTube to understand your video content. To get ranked, your video must be watched, which can be guaranteed through quality content. Choose an interesting topic, solve problems or share unique information.
    • Create SEO friendly videos. Take care of the tags, keywords on the metadata, titles, descriptions, etc. These are as essential as the video content itself. Also, create an optimized playlist to segregate the videos and increase the user session time.
    • Videos work wonders for advertising, as the consumer love watching them a lot.

    4 billion videos are watched on YouTube, every day. It is good news for advertisers that one-third of buyers take favourable buying decisions after watching a video advertisement. There are numerous video advertising advantages, including the ease of increasing the customer base at a lower cost.

    • Video ads convert sales. The leading eCommerce websites say that a video ad
      of any product, along with a description, increases the chance of purchase by up to 35%.

    Videos not only help sell products and services but also enable brands to educate customers and spread awareness about it. The audio-visual elements in videos appeal to multiple senses and act as an educational tool as well. Simply put, video marketing is interesting and beneficial for your business.

    Want to tap the real potential of video marketing?
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      • The Strategist
      • July 29, 2019

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