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    The evolution of Content Marketing and the impact of COVID-19


    The evolution of Content Marketing and the impact of COVID-19

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    The Content Marketing landscape is an ever-changing one. It is always transforming because the way consumers interact with brands keeps on evolving with time. Gone are the days when it was just limited to blog posts and editorials. It is now a holistic approach that relies on a vast range of digital marketing tactics such as email, social media, SEO, and third-party, interactive and video content. It now plays a more significant role in reinforcing the brand positioning and fueling purchase decision making than ever before.

    The impact of COVID-19 on the marketing world has been unprecedented. It has led to massive changes in consumer behaviour, which in turn has resulted in brands reworking their marketing strategies. As consumers are reluctant to visit physical stores, retail marketing has touched a new low. Brands that provide a message of empathy and solidarity and offer consumers with engaging experiences online will flourish in these unprecedented times.

    These days, consumers are adapting to work, shop, exercise, and more at home. Digital experiences have suddenly replaced in-person experiences. As consumers accept this new normal, brands need to adapt faster. In the post-lockdown world, brands must deliver real-time connections and lay particular emphasis on meeting evolved consumer needs.

    Let us have an in-depth look at how businesses can leverage content marketing to overcome the new challenges.

    Email: The marketing world has seen a paradigm shift due to COVID-19 pandemic. In these tough times, email marketing is helping brands enlighten their consumers about the products and services they are offering to meet their changing needs, and how they are taking care of their concerns. It will help clear doubts in the minds of consumers and pave the way to quality leads and enhanced conversions.

    SEO: SEO-driven content is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve brand positioning during these uncertain times. SEO requires investments, both in terms of time and money, over a period of time to deliver long-term returns. With consumer behaviour changed, and discretionary spends reduced, SEO can help ramp up impact, create content that drives conversions, and strengthen the brand image.

    Social Media Content: Owing to the pandemic, the role of Social Media Content Marketing has increased manifold. Meaningful content exuding empathy and support is the key for brands to stay relevant in consumers’ minds. With people spending a lot of time on social media, brands need to develop social media content carefully and find newer, sensitive ways to communicate. Setting the social media tone right is essential for brands to establish an emotional connection with consumers. While doing so, they can work towards ensuring a higher brand recall among their target audience and maintain relevancy. Also, strengthening of social media presence and building trust will help brands ensure faster recovery and growth.

    Third-Party Creators: Third-Party Content is witnessing an enormous spike ever since the lockdown started. Reaching out to consumers in new and innovative ways will enhance brands’ market presence, and Third-Party Content Creators, with their huge following and popularity, can help brands in this endeavour. As people are spending an increasing amount of time online, brands can easily push well-thought messages through third-party content.

    Interactive Content: Interactive Content is one of the best and most-effective ways for a brand to engage its consumers. By creating AR and VR based content, brands can enable them to enjoy outside experiences in their homes. With tailor-made immersive experiences, brands can put forth a strong brand message through interactive content. From online conferences to virtual events and from webinars to online training, interactive content can empower brands to spur engagements and improve their market share. Simply put, interactive content could make this new normal a little more interesting for consumers.

    Facebook's ad boycott has sent the marketing world into a frenzy. But in retrospect, that shouldn't be the case. Instead, brands should explore the various other social media platforms and shy away from this one-dimensional mindset. By studying consumer behaviour on social media and its usage patterns, brands can create content marketing strategies tailor-made for various platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more.

    Video Content: The New King of Content Marketing

    Video Content engages audiences like none other. Offering sharable content will enable brands to improve their market share in Unlock 1.0. Besides, Video Marketing can help brands earn consumer trust, rebuild the brand image and accelerate the consumer journey towards the purchase.

    Here are the types of Video Content that brands can integrate into their post-lockdown marketing strategies.

    Brand Films: Brands films can reignite curiosity among consumers and spread awareness about the brand values and visions among them.

    Educational Videos: Educational Videos, with meaningful and helpful content, provide valuable information to consumers, which they can apply in their everyday lives.

    DIY/Tutorials: With these videos, brands can extend beyond their usual path and offer their consumers with unique 'hack-themed' content.

    Product Videos: Product videos are very compelling. They help demonstrate the features and benefits of the products offered by brands. When presented excitingly, product video marketing can go a long way in ensuring enhanced conversions.

    Testimonials: Testimonials Videos are a versatile tool. They build trust and credibility for brands while showcasing the benefits of their products. They can help consumers make informed purchase decisions in the post-lockdown world.

    Content Marketing could be a powerful way to ensure the business revival and growth post-lockdown. By understanding consumers behaviour and media consumption patterns better, brands can devise effective social media strategies to overcome the challenges and achieve the desired results.

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      • The Strategist
      • July 7, 2020

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