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    Taking the Road Less Travelled

    Case Study

    Taking the Road Less Travelled

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    The building of India’s first online biking tribe

    Scorching sun . Roaring engine . Burning rubber . Endless open country roads.

    Eh, that doesn’t sound like fun. Does it? For most of us, it might not. But for motorcyclists – Well, it’s their idea of heaven. We don’t blame you if you don’t get it. Let’s just say, it’s one of those things only a rider can understand. If you happen to be one, you know it – The ecstasy of wind blowing on your face, never running out of excuses to enjoy a good old fashioned Sunday ride and the itch to share your ‘been there, done that’ moments with other riders. 

    Biking the big bikes kicked up quite a storm in 2016. Bikers connected on multiple platforms, created communities, shared trips, maps and ride stories. And it was not just about the mainstream bikers roaring down national highways. There were unlikely riders too – men and women - who confronted personal challenges and broke societal stereotypes to join the bandwagon. 

    PallaviFauzdar set an example - , crossed Mana Pass and entered Limca Book of Records for riding across so many Himalayan passes on a straight 3,000 km ride to Leh from Delhi.

    Motorcycling gathered up steam as a highly aspirational pursuit. Everyone looked up to embracing the joys of riding in 2016. It was at an all-time highand is only growing. 

    The Pain Points of Indian Riders

    Passionate bikers with ‘whatever, let’s ride’ attitude know no brakes but there were a few speed bumps and traffic cones en route.

    Being a part of tight-knit community, bikers connected only with small social groups – rarely enjoying a true community experience. They had no single platform to connect with other riders and share their experiences. The information was scattered. Bikers googled information on pit stops, eating joints and road conditions when riding to a new location. That didn’t quite work in zero-connectivity zones. Others checked with fellow bikers on facebook and whatsapp to get information on the route and other details, but again the base was quite fragmented.

    All of that and more – The stumbling blocks seemed endless!

    But that was before Trails of India came to the fore – A first of its kind lifestyle exchange utility platform for avid motorcyclists.

    Gear Up for the Ride

    In the wake of growing high end bikers in the country, there was a clear opportunity for a conversational platform, imbued with the spirit of motorbiking. Passion met technology – Giving birth to Trails of India, a digitally-powered crowdsourced community for bikers, fine-tuned to talk everything biking. It was envisaged and design as a virtual space dedicated to add value to the lifestyle of avid motorcyclists, which enabled avid bikers to do everything they ever aspired for but couldn’t for the lack of a better platform.

    Make the Most of Biking Technology

    The app is integrated with Google Maps technology, helping you create live maps for others to use. Check-in at various locations and add hotspots on-the-go via GPS tracking. Get the latest updates from the motorcycling world, including aftermarket inclusions, technology from across the world for the bike and the rider, safety gear, gadgets and more. Purchase world-class riding gear and accessories, aftermarket parts, and tyres.

    Share Stories. Connect. Converse

    Share enticing biker stories, journeys and experiences. How? Jot down your story, upload a few pics and submit it – That simple. Connect with other bikers. Exchange notes on biking-related gadgets, gizmos and technology. Create online groups to create their exclusive space for offline groups, post events, get invites and information to the rides and events across the country. Trails of India proved to be a highly personal lifestyle product woven into the biking culture.

    Explore More. Get Better Informed

    Explore new routes and credible information that otherwise had to be dug out from the deep or was not available at all. Figure out the areas to avoid along a route and precautions to take while traveling to zero-connectivity zones across the country. Get a heads up about the best places to tune-up bikes, have a quick brunch or just stop over for a while. Every bit of information flows in from the riders and for the riders, making it a one-of-its-kind crowdsourced platform.

    Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

    Before the actual launch of Trails of India, a full-fledged influencer outreach was planned. Keeping real and unique bike experiences at the focal point, apowerful passion-imbued video was created by the riders, for the riders. Teasers were released on social media to build excitement and curiosity.

    200+ popular riding groups were mapped and seasoned riders were invited to a power breakfast at Hotel Le Meridien, Bangalore. The launch kicked off with roaring sounds of superbikes as 150+ bikers made their way to witness the first live-trail in India. It was an exciting moment for Indian biking. Peer-to-peer invitations went out at a rapid pace as Trails of India became known and bikers began to explore the platform.

    The content reached the timelines and news feeds of 35+ million consumers on the day of launch, generating 18+ million conversations within the first week! 

    Full-Throttle to a Thriving Biking Community 

    While building a community – be it around your brand or a cause – passion precedes everything!

    Imbued with fiery passion, Trails of India strengthened the bond within the biking brotherhood and brought the biker community closer while inspiring fellow bikers to travel the roads unmarked in our amazing country.

    Before Trails of India came to the fore, biking community meant a bunch of guys liking each other’s posts on facebook or an audience passively consuming content – with no participation,no interaction, no sense of belonging. Trails of India fostered authentic, two-way dialogues, talking to bikers, not at them. And let them share their content. Share the content of others. Answer questions. Ask questions. Connect with relevant people. Listen.

    Fueled by user-generated content, Trails of India crowdsourced 5000+ content pieces. The best stories were featured, one at a time.  

    One Last Ride
    The touching story of a man who took one last ride before having to part away from his ageing mean machine. 

    “Very soon, my Bullet’s heart will no longer thump and roar, but I’m never saying goodbye. My precious Bullet is for keeps.” Read More

    Chosen to Ride
    The candid confessions of a woman who left her job following her ardent passion for riding solo across the country.

    “Within a span of a month and a half, I had explored 7000 magnificent kilometres. And it was liberating to say the least!” Read More

    Next time you take out your big bike and plan a ride to an exotic far flung road less traveled, you are likely to get authentic information from another bikers on the route, fuel quality, best stop overs, parking friendly roadside joints and hotels, local flavors and the roads to bypass – All because of Trails of India. 

    The community managed to grow from 0 to 1,00,000 active users, hailing from over 300 cities across the country.

    That figure is enviable, but it doesn't build itself. The key is to go beyond the brand and let every single member of your community take ownership of his/her passion – in his/her own unique way. 

    Setting New Milestones … Still Miles to Go
    Celebrating wanderlust, motorcycling and above all, the brotherhood of riders, Trails of India captured the collective imaginations and attention of bikers.

    Geared up with a bold, integrated marketing plan, the launch campaign captured the hearts of trail-blazing bikers, setting new milestones in reach and engagement. Over 1000+ users registered within the first 10 days of the official launch. 500+ User generated travelogues and stories were received. Having made a difference, it broke into mainstream media with over 20 online and 6 print coverage in reputed newspapers and websites, raking in PR worth 1.5 Crores. Trails of India bagged a metal at the 2016 DMA India CREATEFFECT ECHO® Awards and the mobile app got featured as one of the best apps of 2016 by LiveMint.

    20,000+ new bikers on a daily basis, to gain information and live their passion every day! It has successfully established biking as a passion to be pursued on ground and off it, in the virtual realm too. It has unified bikers into a single cohesive community and brought recognition to biking as a way of life.

    Client: Trails of India

    Product: Biking Community / Lifestyle Exchange Utility Platform 

    Agency: Pulp Strategy

    Category: Integrated

      • Posted By
      • The Strategist
      • January 11, 2017

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