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    Social Media – The Art of Storytelling


    Social Media – The Art of Storytelling

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    Everyone has a story to tell. Be it a human, brand, product or service, the essence of co-existence entails a story that makes a being/thing more marketable in nature. It was in 1870 that Thomas Adams was experimenting with Chicle, a sap from a South American tree, as a substitute for rubber. Post several mounting failures, the dejected inventor popped a piece into his mouth. Big discovery: He liked it! As a result,‘Adams New York No. 1’ became the first mass-produced chewing gum in the world. Will you remember this story? Personally, the first time I stumbled upon this fact, I knew I’d have this in the hindsight, every time I’d be chewing gum. Such is the air about storytelling. It’s an art, gradually mastered over a period of time.

    Storytelling On Social Media

    Ever since their unveiling, the social media platforms have always been on an upsurge. Almost every other individual over the internet looks for stories in the form of products and services that they can relate with it or is useful to them. Apart from the utility factor, every product or service can also make way for aesthetic values, which could also be a story weaved around it. An award winning agency will exactly help a business connect with its audience on a personal level; so much so that the audience is coerced into procuring a commodity, regardless of its utility. Listed below are five simple ways of deploying storytelling as a tool for social media marketing.

    Convert storytelling into social media marketing

    Creating a story structure: Freytag’s pyramid uses five simple yet effective elements to create a story including exposition, resolution, rising action, falling action and climax.

    Sequencingads: It is important to sequence ads in the form of a story. According to a survey, Facebook ads that were sequenced like a story yielded a better conversion rate and an increase in in-store purchase.

    Aligning stories with audience values: Companies have moved from product-oriented branding to value-oriented branding to define a niche targeted group. A seasoned communication agency would create a brand communication strategy in such a way that it creates a unique identity for a brand. The communication can be in the form of a story or a brand mascot.

    Weaving local stories: People take pride in where they’re from. With the social media platforms at your disposal, it has become easier to target particular geographical regions and areas that could influence the thoughts and actions of people belonging to a region. In addition, local customers are more likely to convert and impact your sales.

    Highlighting the unique value proposition Creating a story that is cohesive and compelling in nature helps an organization to highlight the USP of a product and bring out the essence in a unique way.

    The crux being that storytelling is the quintessence of every product and service that is sold with a motive of making money. Without it, most products would end up hard-selling. Least to say, the success of brand largely depends on how artistically a story is concocted around commodities which would otherwise end up getting lost in the oblivion.

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      • June 8, 2016

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