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    Skip the ad-skipping behaviour with interactive ads


    Skip the ad-skipping behaviour with interactive ads

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    As web banners enable marketers to reach the target consumers based on their browsing behaviours, brands are increasingly preferring them. The problem is that nowadays, consumers are bombarded with so many poorly-designed and uninteresting web banners that they are forced to turn on filters to ignore them.

    This ad-skipping behaviour is the biggest impediment for brands in engaging their online consumers. In such a scenario, interactive ads have started getting traction among brands wanting to engage targeted sets of consumers online. This popularity of interactive ads is attributed to their built-in interactivity. Simply put, they enable consumers to take some action to unlock the message, arousing their curiosity and ensuring word of mouth publicity.

    Here’s how interactive ads are beneficial for brands.

    Designing an amazing landing page is just half the battle won for brands. An excellent interactive ad with gripping content and call to action helps brands ensure a sizeable flow of traffic to it.

    Interactive ads have 3x conversion rate than other formats.

    Data is the foundation of every marketing strategy, and interactive ads help brands generate better quality data.

    It is a way to bridge the gap that has existed between brands and their consumers and forge a new relationship that is more personal. Marketers, through interactive ads, engage directly with consumers through storytelling and word of mouth. When these promotional techniques receive feedbacks from the targeted audience, they provide valuable data for marketers that can be analyzed to enhance the effectiveness of advertising methods further.

    The key to making the most of interactive ads lies in merging creativity and technology to get people’s attention and build brand love. A brand that has continually got rave reviews for its marketing campaigns is Burger King. After a series of blockbuster campaign successes with ads like McWhopper, Google Home of the Whopper and Burning Stores, their most recent ‘Whopper Detour’ has sent the Burger King app rising to the number 1 position from its previous number 686 position across all categories, on both iOS and Android. It also resulted in the company achieving the highest footfall to its store in the last 4.5 years.

    Want to achieve multifold increase online engagement levels with interactive ads? Click here to get in touch with our experts. 

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      • October 6, 2019

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