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    Proburst – An inspiring story of becoming the ‘Desh Ka Protien’

    Case Study

    Proburst – An inspiring story of becoming the ‘Desh Ka Protien’

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    While the health supplement market in India is expected to grow by 20% till 2022, today it is dominated by foreign brands. Considering the fierce competition, the challenge was to establish an Indian brand to be authentic and superior in quality. To do this, Proburst resorted to digital marketing and yielded results that are sure to inspire you.

    The Approach

    To start with, the USP of the brand was determined. What makes Proburst fit for the Indian Market? It is a brand made in India, made for the Indian body type. Since Indian supplement brands were considered inferior and fake, the challenge was to transform the brand image and build credibility. The objective was to establish Proburst as Desh Ka Protein. Hence an agile Omni-channel strategy was devised to address all the relevant touch points and create brand awareness.

    Social Media Marketing

    The Social Media marketing strategy created was based on a two-pronged approach.

    Building Credibility

    To establish product credibility, the brand came up with a unique code formula. A campaign was designed to make people aware of this. The perception of consumers changed as they realized that the product was not just authentic but also better than foreign brands they consumed.

    Image 1

    Driving Engagement

    The brand realized the fact that social media strategies thrive on innovative content to drive engagement. Hence the content generated was unique and informative. It was aimed at making people aware about the need for protein in their daily life in a way that they found interesting and shareable.

    Image 2

    Influencer Marketing

    Proburst was a new entrant in an already crowded health supplement market. They definitely needed a trusted voice who could influence their potential customers to talk about their products. Youth icon Rannvijay Singh was introduced as a Brand Ambassador. Then to reach a wider audience, various influencers that included not just bodybuilders but, everyday fitness enthusiast, from different backgrounds, were roped in. From celebrity trainers to athletes to fitness enthusiasts; names like Yogeshwar Dutt, Rutuja Hegsheteye, Vinay Sangwan, Praveen Teotia, Nikhil Watts, Sameer Ansari, AV Anfas Mohammed, and Rahul Kadam topped their influencer list. They became the voice for the brand, connected with the audience and helped Proburst in building brand awareness.

    Image 3

    The brand realized that heroes are not made overnight, they break barriers and go against all odds and can inspire millions of people. #DeshKaFighter – Praveen Teotia got 1 million views and 5 million impressions for his inspiring story.

    Image 4

    WhatsApp for Query Management      

    Building a brand starts with being in tune with all the stakeholders, and WhatsApp acted as a perfect platform for Proburst to do that. It not only aided in customer relationship management efforts but also helped in connecting consumers and dealers. It provided a great opportunity to segment the audience and send a targeted communication to them. Thus facilitating query management and generating sales.


    The campaign was a perfect mélange of sound digital strategy, relevant insights, and innovative content. What Speaking of results, the numbers were astounding. In just six months Proburst’s reach increased 126%. People loved the brand and their engagement improvement by 147.85% and impression increased 87.61%. The love also reflected in sales. During the Amazon Prime Day Sale over 4000 units were sold out in just 36 hours.

    Image 5

    So, what do you think worked for Proburst?

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      • The Strategist
      • November 26, 2018

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