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    Performance content marketing  can do wonders for your brand


    Performance content marketing can do wonders for your brand

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    In the two decades, as brands started going digital, they realized the need for creating online content for their websites and social media handles. It led to the advent of the term ‘content marketing’.  The content was mostly created to publish on the brands’ digital properties with no special efforts made to increase its discoverability.

    With the passage of time and increasing online clutter, this strategy lost its significance, and Performance Content Marketing came into existence. It lays particular emphasis on ensuring that the content posted is easily discovered by the target audience, paving the way to a surge in the new traffic to the website, brand reputation, leads generated and conversions achieved.

    Why should you invest in performance content marketing?

    Performance content marketing is a cost-effective way to generate more businesses and stay competitive in today’s competitive business environment. Employing Performance Content Marketing brands can help you:

    • Spread brand awareness and enhance brand recall
    • Boost brand trust and loyalty
    • Disseminate valuable information to the target audience
    • Generate more leads and new business
    • Build thought leadership

    What content types should you invest in?

    Performance content marketing is not limited to website content or blog. It covers a wide gamut of content types that creates value for your brand. Listed below are the different ways you can do it: 

    • Banner ads
    • Email marketing
    • Engaging in Facebook groups
    • Pay-per-click ads
    • Product reviews
    • YouTube videos

    How can you achieve business goals with performance content marketing?
    Performance content marketing goals should be linked to your business goals. Here are a few










     Articles viewed It tells you the total number of articles    your audience has looked at in a given period. It helps you understand how well your  content marketing strategy is working.
     Page views It is the total number of pages your audience looked at during a given period. It tells you the amount of aggregate traffic across all users who come to your site.
     Unique visitors It is the total number of individual people who have visited your site. It helps you determine your reach.
     Return visitors It is the number of people coming to your site, in a given period, who also had previously visited the website. It shows whether you’re creating content that resonates with people enough to make them come back.
     Average attention  time It means the amount of time that users spend consuming content on an aggregate basis, or down to the individual article level. It lets you know if visitors are reading your content and for how long.
     Engagement rate It is the percentage of page views where users engaged with your content for more than 30 seconds. It is essential to know the ratio of page views to engaged page views to understand your content’s quality.
     Social media actions It is the sum of all user interactions with your social media posts by channel. Understanding how far your content is driving traffic and engagement allows your team to look closely at what content belongs on which channel.

    Just like content KPIs, it is vital for you to keep an eye on the action conversion metrics, which track the conversions being taken against the goals. They are generally the leading indicators of ROI.

    In a nutshell, it is crucial for you to create engaging content and continuously analyze its performance against the KPIs. Creating a documented content strategy backed by in-depth analytics can go a long way in making performance content marketing a grand success.

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      • May 14, 2019

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