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    Make interactions fun and engaging  with interactive videos


    Make interactions fun and engaging with interactive videos

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    The role of video in marketing is growing leaps and bounds. It is expected that 75% of the mobile traffic will be generated by videos in the coming years. In keeping this, brands must lay particular emphasis on creating video content that consumers love to spend time with. Adding interactivity to videos is a crucial step in this direction, as interactive videos are more engaging and fun. Here’re a few facts that establish their importance for marketers.

    • 43% increase in time spent on watching videos is due to interactive videos
    • 93% of marketers vouched for its effectiveness on consumers

    When images, sounds and a storyline are amalgamated into a single content to create an interactive video, it makes for a far more exciting engagement than traditional static ads and videos, which allow only limited options like play, pause and rewind, etc. Perhaps this is the reason why interactive videos offer unique experiences to consumers. They can not only interact with the content but also control it like in a video game.

    Interactive videos can be of varied types. Some of the leading ones are mentioned below.

    Branching Videos:  A personalized experience for your customers to choose from a series of actions and see what happens next.

    Hotspot: Interactive videos which have clickable links for the customers to find more information.

    Multi-view: These videos allow viewers to have various viewpoints, as they are shot from different perspectives.

    360 views: These videos empower users to drag the screen within a video frame to see in all directions.

    Data inputs: These type of interactive videos make it possible for users to input information in form fields. The increased clutter in the digital world has resulted in decreased conversion rates, which is a worrying sign for today’s marketers. With continuous pressure to justify marketing spends, realizing a higher ROI is one of their paramount concerns. Interactive videos score well on this parameter as well. Their conversion rate of around 11% leaves that of Youtube and Google ads annotations way behind.

    On top of all this, interactive videos are highly engaging, trackable, mobile-friendly, easily gamified and are compatible with authoring tools. Interactive video games like Camify challenge the skills of consumers by engaging them in a fun-filled multiple choice quiz, which in turn helps brands collect valuable data. Maybelline, in one of their interactive tutorials, asked users to click and see different types of makeup looks. By brilliantly placing hotspots for products required to create different looks, the brand took the consumers to respective landing pages and facilitated direct purchases. The video earned over 6 million impressions and achieved a 14x increase in the click rate than the industry average.

    Simply put, interactive videos are the future of video marketing. They change the way consumers look at marketing videos by incorporating increased personalization. Consumers feel that they are part of the story, which results in better engagement levels and higher conversion rates and ROI for marketers.

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      • November 26, 2019

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