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    Know why you need to invest in social media marketing


    Know why you need to invest in social media marketing

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    Social Media is the king of digital marketing in the current scenario. It is where you post your videos to go viral, memes to do wild rounds of shares and likes, and where you vent out your frustration, share your joy and boast about your success. It is also the place where everything you do can make or mark your online presence. Considering this, we can rightly declare this year as the ‘age of social’.

    However, the irony is that even in the ‘age of social’ there are many businesses, which are not even thinking about investing in social media on the pretext that the medium is not for them. While, the fact is social media has almost 2 billion network users and that opens a door of opportunities for your business to grow.

    Social is here to stay and if you are still not convinced, read on to know the 7 reasons why you should invest more in social media:

    Social Media

    Your understanding of various social platforms is nil or low: If you are the one who says ‘Let’s Tweet on Facebook’, then you either don’t have presence on any of the social platforms or your presence is a mess. It’s time to invest to explore, learn and understand every social platform and how you can align them to achieve your organisational goals. Once you know what needs to be done and how, get out to hit the bull’s eye.

    Your social media executive is losing sleep: 7 different social platforms, tons of content to handle, millions of queries to answer, a bunch of negative sentiments to be converted to positive ones, a few campaigns to hold and manage, and 1 social media executive handling all this. The executive low on sleep and super low on energy to handle it all. This means your business is seeing a downside on the digital forefront with typos, lack of care and off-brand ranting. What do you do in such a scene? Ensure that the work is strategized and workload is shared appropriately, wherein your executive does not feel the pressure and your PR people are pampered to post good about you.

    Social engagement is not responded to and managed properly: Either your executive is too tied up or you are too busy to respond to queries, appreciation, negative reviews of your followers. This means having a bunch of dissatisfied followers in your kitty that can spoil your brand’s online reputation. Hiring a good social media management agency in such a scenario is a great idea, who can manage the online sentiments and influence the followers with some awesome and cool ideas and content using your social handles.

    Your page is deprived of any sort of engagement: You have been not so keen to invest time on social media and this means a few posts, one or no likes, a couple of irrelevant ‘lol’ in your comments section, and no shares at all. It also reflects that either your content is poor or it is not reaching the right set of target audiences. You need to spend more time in getting the right content and understanding your target audience. In addition to these, you also need to focus on time of posting, and relevance of the current events and happenings.

    Once in a week might not be enough: Not posting regularly and keeping long intervals between posting content is not a healthy practice. Posting on regular intervals, even if it is one post a day can help you build better association with your social audience. If you think posting daily might annoy your followers, then you need to rethink about the content that you are sharing. Focus on creating content that’s interesting, intriguing, and can drive engagement. Get down to the basics and create a plan well in advance. Remember that it is not about how often you post but what you post. Once you are sure about the content created, frequency can be worked out and achieved.

    Your social world is limited to Facebook: Your audience is a diverse mix. Investing in only one platform means that you are missing out on a huge segment of potential audience, or you are altogether targeting the wrong set of audience. Each medium has its own benefits, like Twitter is fast, and Pinterest and Instagram are picturesque. Since you know your business better, you need to understand and choose the right platform and strategize to use it in the best way. The only challenge might be that diversity in platforms is time consuming, but is worth the effort. And automation comes in handy to manage things.

    Automation needs moderation: Automation solves problems in the social media world, especially when you are using multiple platforms. But overdoing it might ruin all your efforts. Automatic replies to match sentiments, shooting mails and spamming inboxes is not a good automation practice. Automation is good when your messages don’t need human interaction. Automated messages are a big turn off for many. Social is made by people. Hence, nothing equals investing in a team and having real-time conversation with your audiences and integrating automation wherever sentiment management is not required.

    Having aligned these reasons, we would want to know if your social media campaigns are going rave on social or your presence on the media is not even noticed. You can share your social media marketing queries with us at to take your initial steps towards your social media strategy.

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      • September 7, 2015

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