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    How we turned an AIB post into a full-fledged marketing opportunity for Tupperware

    Case Study

    How we turned an AIB post into a full-fledged marketing opportunity for Tupperware

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    While mostly marketing is all about creating opportunities, well, social listening can help you discover hidden gems! Here’s one such instance where we got to exhibit our social listening skills for one of our clients, Tupperware.

    It all started when AIB asked its followers a random question under #AIBJagraata - “what’s that one thing in your house that your mother loves more than you?”

    Being a household name and every mom’s priced possession, the replies naturally included Tupperware. As people lovingly mentioned the brand, we keenly listened. Sensing a great opportunity, our social media team jumped in to participate in the ongoing conversation. Further amplifying the overall engagement, we also took it to Tupperware’s social handles. Our social activity also caught the attention of Tanmay Bhat, the co-founder of AIB, who retweeted Tupperware India’s post.

    Results? Within 24 hours, Tupperware India reached out to more than 25,000 people on Facebook and close to 1700 people on Instagram, and all this, without spending a single penny. What’s more? Brand equity and Social Samosa also featured this feat!

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    The subtle art of social listening

    All talk and no listen, makes brand a dull one. In today’s time of cutthroat competition between brands, just getting your social media marketing right is certainly not enough. Social media has evolved into an active platform for customer engagement. 96% of the people that discuss brands online do not follow those brands’ owned profiles. And hence, paid media ads are taking over but there are definitely smarter ways to reach and engage with your customers.

    Contrary to what most brands think, social listening actually doesn’t restrict to just monitoring and replying to customer queries or comments on your brand page. Paying attention to only notifications can lead to missing out on a huge pool of audience that are talking about your product or brand. Social listening is all about mining key insights from conversations on social media to build a sound marketing strategy.

    Using social listening

    Though most brands claim to do social listening, yet only 39% report using customer data and behavior patterns to shape marketing strategy in the past year. Hence, the real mettle is not in the act itself, but leveraging intelligently for marketing your brand. It helps in relevant content creation as well as harnessing user-generated content.

    While mastering the subtle art of social listening might not be easy, it is definitely well worth every effort. It can not only help you to gather valuable customer feedback about your products as well as the competitors’, but also build rewarding marketing strategies. If you are wondering how to get this right, there sure isn’t a formula. So, keep listening, a good marketing opportunity might just come knocking.

    Source: BrandWatch

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      • The Strategist
      • August 14, 2018

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