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    Game Of Thrones And Social Media – A Battle Of Epic Proportion


    Game Of Thrones And Social Media – A Battle Of Epic Proportion

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    Imagine a throne wrought in iron, a seat from which seven kingdoms would be ruled.  A battle of supremacy, where the most noble, mighty, kings, queens and renegades would lock horns through fleeting summers and winters that’d last a lifetime. A battle that’d go beyond blood and sweat. A battle that ushers out the wrongs and rights of a flimsy world. A battle that’d prove that only the lust for power, is eternal.  Such’s the air about Game Of Thrones.

    So what do the aforementioned elements have in common with the social media platforms that keep the users coming back for more? Possibly, the immaculate art of triggering methods of digital and traditional marketing that resonates well through elements that people love: storytelling, engagement, conversations and entertainment. The power of social medial is transcending seamlessly into business procedures; forming an inevitable part of business strategies as robust as Valyrian steel; implemented by the corporate houses. One of them being forming communities.

    People with similar interests, understanding each others’ sentiments and bonding over a common passion and zest often come together on social media platforms to share their thoughts and voice their opinions. The community could be about anything, ranging from a sport, a product/service, an organisation, an idea et al. Individuals who are a part of such communities are often driven by the thirst for knowledge. Since a community is often the most powerful advocate a brand can possess; compromising any of the above mentioned variables can often affect the affinity of the bond, diminish its values and ideas thereby destroying the community, to the hilt. Stannis Baratheon had succumbed to the same fate too. A leader beyond compare, Stannis believed that the throne belonged to him. Despite having a humongous battalion of army, Stannis failed to comprehend their sentiments. This misunderstanding of his Army, or community for the sake of this argument, is what eventually led to his defeat.

    A man of utter class and crème de la crème wit, Tyrion Lannister was bestowed with the gift of the gab. Neither a desire to be a knight in a shining armour nor the lust for the throne, Lannister could talk himself out of any situation. So much so that the people around him would go on to ask, “does he always talk this much?” Certainly, social media platforms these days often happen to be a replica of Lannister’s character in the web series. With so much being talked about and so much more waiting to be communicated, social media platforms have indeed become tools for business houses to convey their messages, increase customer-engagement and eventually increase gross revenue.

    Much like Game of Thrones, social media too is now a battle of epic proportion- depending upon which business house uses the platform better to trump its arch rival in a bid to gain global exposure. Several corporate houses are even seeking help of veteran communications agencies across the globe to provide their business with the much-needed leverage. Those that don’t, often find themselves lost amidst a flock of business houses, similar to Arya Stark, trying to find their feet in a highly competitive world, ranting slogans of “I am no one.”

    Least to say, being penny wise and pound foolish isn’t the need of the hour. With a social media expert at your disposal, you go out-right to claim all that is rightfully yours- power, name, fame. As Stannis Baratheon would have said, “The Iron Throne is mine by right. All those that deny that are my foes."Prepare to not squander an opportunity that could prove to be a game-changer for your business in every sense. Let the creative juices flow through these social media platforms and tell the whole world about it. Gear up to succeed or succumb to destiny. Remember, “Winter isn’t coming for it’s already here.”

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      • The Strategist
      • June 30, 2016

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