The Curious Case of #BubbaMissing

Bubba Mystery - Rescue 'em

Effective marketing, paid or unpaid, backs winning brand stories. While, paid marketing gets you instant results in numbers, organic marketing is what sustains the activity and amplifies the reach. No matter how old-school organic marketing may appear to marketers today, it still proves to be a less cost-intensive method which helps seed positive sentiment in consumers and raise conversation levels within the target audience. Given that it is usually a slow paced process, it is generally on the backburner and paid marketing takes the front line.

However, marketers need to relate organic marketing with the fact that ‘Marketing is a continuous process’ and you need to constantly invest time and effort to reach your consumers. Which is precisely why Pulp Strategy Communications took the disruptive route to launch their new baby Rescue ‘em in the market with online storytelling that went viral.

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Ambika Sharma - Chief Strategist at Pulp Strategy

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