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    Create marketing breakthroughs with Artificial Intelligence (AI)


    Create marketing breakthroughs with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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    AI applications can go a long way in transforming various aspects of marketing, including conversion optimization, user experience and predictive analytics.

    Marketers have used print, radio, TV and direct mail for several decades to acquire new customers and retain existing ones to ensure the growth of their organizations. The advent of digital technologies provided them with an array of exciting ways to engage their customers. No wonder, marketers joined the bandwagon, and social media platforms like to Facebook, Twitter, online video, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat became part of their marketing mix.

    Now, with the digital landscape getting saturated gradually, it is imperative for marketers to explore new ways to get a competitive edge. AI, with its unmatched ability to collect, analyze, apply and then learn from data, could be a potent weapon for marketers in transforming their marketing strategies.

    The Role of AI in marketing

    Business Intelligence

    Applications of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are increasingly being used to draw useful insights from customer data, predict customer buying behaviours and provide customers with relevant information to make them take the desired actions. For example, Amazon uses AI to show only relevant products to shoppers, based on previous searches, purchases and viewing history. This increases the likelihood of the shopper making a purchase decision or becoming a repeat customer.

    Combining AI with AR/VR

    Combining AI with new age technologies like AR/VR can be a game-changer for brands. For example, Coca-Cola decided to combine AI and Augmented reality (AR) by overlaying computer graphics over a user's real-world view using glasses or a headset within a number of its bottling plants.

    AI for digital marketing

    AI Chatbots

    AI chatbots allow businesses to go beyond the traditional "one-to-one" form of customer service. Instead, they enable “one-to-many" customer service that is providing support to several customers at the same time and in different time zones. Chatbots don’t need rest, which means they can answer customer queries around the clock and in real time, resulting in higher efficiency and improved customer experience. Besides, they can be made to allow users to choose the language of their choice, allowing brands to deliver localized customer service. 

    Email marketing

    AI allows brands to personalize their email marketing campaigns based on user behaviours, meaning they can send out emails triggered by specific actions. This enables the delivery of relevant emails to customers' inboxes, with subject lines, product recommendations, and messaging all being chosen based on a customer's behaviour.

    AI for conversion optimization

    Digital marketing is one of the areas wherein the adoption of artificial intelligence has been widespread. It is used across platforms like Facebook, Google and Instagram to provide the best possible user experience. These platforms analyze users' information to show them the most relevant advertisements, improving the performance of digital ads.

    Marketing content

    AI allows you to discover what content is most effective, according to the behaviour of targeted customers. It empowers brands to get a better understanding of what types of content work best for their target audience, allowing them to share or create the right form of content. For example, 40% of millennial’s trust video content the most, which means it is the second most effective form of content marketing next to blogs. Thus, brands targeting this audience will be better able to create relevant content using insights gathered from AI.  

    AI is increasingly becoming mainstream with even small and medium businesses tapping its immense potential. To find out how you can make AI an integral part of your marketing strategy, feel free to connect with us at

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      • July 2, 2019

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