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    Building a case for video series as a powerful marketing tool


    Building a case for video series as a powerful marketing tool

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    Why build a case for video series when video, as a format, is an afterthought in our content marketing calendar?

    Yes, Videos are an afterthought. A few are thrown in to maintain a healthy mix of all message formats and give the brand a more rounded personality.

    This is happening at a time when YouTube is the second largest search engine and Internet video streaming is expected to grow to 82% of Consumer Internet Traffic by 2022! (Source: Cisco)

    65% of people watch at least 3/4 of a video before moving on. Can we say the same about text-based content?

    Ask the audience what kind of content they’d prefer from a brand and the answer invariably would be videos – they’re easy on the brain, engaging, communicate more in the same time span.

    Hence, we include videos in our content strategy. But, should we go with one fantastic, mind-blowing video or continue with a series of short fantastic videos?

    Robert Cialdini says we should.

    Commitment and consistency – the two pillars of persuasion as per Cialdini.

    You might hook your audience with one video, but you’ll be leaving them wanting for more. That’s the goal, right? And therefore, following up with similar videos is your duty.

    The brands are not supposed to shake hands with the audience and vanish. They’re supposed to shake hands, meet again, deliver the same or better experience, build a rapport, and nurture their relationship strategically.

    A loyal audience is built over time.

    As viewers watch and appreciate your first video, they’re more likely to watch the next ones, especially if they’re part of a series. Once hooked, they’ll share it on their social media feed, suggest to their friends, and soon, the brand’s video series becomes a talk of the town.

    Not only this, if one video in the series gains popularity, the audience would watch the entire series and wait for the next in line.

    In short, the traction multiplies with every video.

    Now, let’s address the pain of producing a series instead of a video. It’s going to be a bit more for sure. However, the good part with a series is the use of a repeatable process as several elements remain same throughout.

    Not to forget that a series extends an idea that has already been accepted and appreciated by the audience.

    Video series is like slow-cooking – invest a little patience & perseverance and obtain more flavorful & fragrant conversions.

    Video series can not only help customers understand the brand better, but also help with ‘sustainable’ conversions.

    Great videos inform viewers end with a cliffhanger suggestive of a sequel or episode. Here, they’d ask viewers to subscribe with an email address to keep them updated. Most people, having intrigued by the idea, don’t think twice before subscribing. After the first, full watch, this is your second conversion.

    Next videos can have your offerings placed more directly and towards the end, you’ll have a loyal fan base.

    As per 2018 video conversion research report, 71% of marketers confirm video series outperforming other marketing formats.

    Need we say more?

    Birla Tyres’ animated video series – Pange Lal ke pange

    The target audience, truck drivers of India, were mostly inactive on social media. It appeared there was no way the brand could reach them to start a dialogue other than going on-ground.

    The only digital product the audience regularly engaged with was WhatsApp; and that’s where Pange Lal, a witty, sensible and brave truck driver, pinged them. To discuss sensitive issues, Pange Lal came in a non-offensive, animated avatar.

    But text-based content, video, or a video series?

    Birla Tyres realized that their audience may not be up for preachy content delivered in a text-based format. So, they leaped past the barrier of basic literacy with a series of short, funny videos built around instances and challenges of a truck driver’s life.

    The response was unprecedented. Pange Lal soon became a common WhatsApp-forward and soon, its text-based memes and messages picked up that pace too.

    After its successful stint on a direct message platform, Pange Lal took to social media and garnered further appreciation from all kinds of audience.

    Over to you

    Video conveys more than just information – it also reinforces brand philosophy through tone of voice, emotions, and expressions. It is a powerful way to tell stories and impact business success big time. Not only that, video series can help sales teams graduate their customers all the way through the conversion funnel. They are much more than just entertainment.

    In times, when attention is the currency of the digital world, video series proves to be a long-term investment in a cherished (and enviable) customer-brand relationship.

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      • The Strategist
      • January 25, 2019

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