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    Always-on Content

    Today, everyone is a content producer and curator. The consumer’s engagement with a brand is directly related to the content produced by the brand at every point of engagement. At Pulp Strategy, we know that content marketing establishes richer brand-consumer relationships effectively because it fosters better communication. Always-on content is the bedrock of your content strategy. It is on this foundation that our client’s campaigns, and social media goals find firm footing. Always-on content marketing won't lead to spikes of high engagement crossed with low engagement. It leads to a constant level of engagement, which fosters a greater sense of community and brand awareness. Whether it is as complex as a data driven content hub which uses real-time consumer intelligence from social combined with the core messaging of the brand to deliver programmatic content across digital platforms or whether it is as simple as ensuring that our client’s content strategy translates into a calendar to deliver a steady stream of rich content across their digital platforms in the form of white papers, blogs, infographics, case studies, Vines, EDMs, blogger and influencer content or even landing pages and newsletters. Content is at the heart of the consumer experience and rich media content adds soul to the experiences.

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