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Windows 7: UCrew Campus Tour


Windows wanted to harness the energy of youth by building an army of Windows Brand Ambassadors representing the student community in India. The ambassadors would carry the brand message of Windows to peers and fellow students, thereby becoming evangelists promoting the Operating System. Windows has been the be all and end all for students when it comes to entertainment, networking, socializing and even for educational assignments.

While most PC users including the young student population are familiar with Windows, they are more often than not unaware of the host of cool features that make the Windows experience delightful. Windows UCrew program with its influencer driven approach and personalized consumer experience launched an expansive outreach to students in universities as well as at popular student festivals with a unique peer-to-peer approach marketing.

UCrew program engaged with a massive (2.4 million) youth audience to deliver consumer trials for Windows. The personalized immersive, experience of ‘UCrew’ not only created impact by showcasing the unique capabilities of Windows but also reflected influencer sentiment as the team built an army of UCrew ambassadors across India.