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Proburst – Desh ka fighter


When Pulp Strategy was devising the campaign for Proburst to help them establish a strong market presence, we wanted to do something worthwhile. We wanted to portray life’s many challenges and inspire people to overcome them #AgainstAllOdds.

Hence, we created a brand film by borrowing the story of Praveen Teotia, who was shot during the infamous 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. Despite this, Praveen Teotia refused to give up and let his disability come in the way of his dreams. This determination led him to win the prestigious Ironman Triathlon Championship 2018 in South Africa, making him India’s first differently-abled Ironman.

“#DeshKaFighter – Praveen Teotia” achieved 1 million views and 5 million impressions for his inspiring story. In six months, Proburst’s social media reach increased by 126%. People welcomed the brand, and the engagement improved by 147.85%, while the impression increased by 87.61%. During the Amazon Prime Day Sale, over 4000 units of Proburst products were sold out in just 36 hours.