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Product videos: Know your Philips Barracuda


2015 will be the year of the video and the play button is already taking center stage. Video Marketing has evolved from being a tertiary visual extension of your content strategy to becoming a full-fledged category of online marketing. It is now one of the most powerful forms of online advertising that could serve as the perfect educational, entertainment, and engagement tool. The future of video ads as one of the key parts of any good online promotional strategy can be easily predicted by looking at convincing statistics proclaiming that by 2017, online video will account for 70% of consumer traffic on internet.

A product video featuring Philips Barracuda was created to demonstrate how the world’s first laser guided, dual-sided, precision trimmer with cutting-edge technology ensures smoother shaves and immaculate grooming, by making it possible to create  the finest sharp edges with precision and craft the most intricate facial hair styles for men almost effortlessly.