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Get Social? A live case study with Google


Google launched Google+ pages for brands in the competitive social networking space with a host of unique features and a simplified interface to make it very convenient for consumer usage. Google India wanted to reach out to premier B-school students, budding marketers and trendsetters, encouraging them to experience the Google+ platform as a tool of social media marketing for brands, also making Google+ the official social destinations of Ivy League Campuses in India.

‘Get Social?’ was an exclusive and first-ever live, integrated digital and on-ground marketing challenge by Google+ for top 41 Ivy League management and engineering campuses in India. As a simulated marketing program, it gave students an opportunity to design their own Google+ page for their campus, deploy and assess their own marketing campaign and devise plans to promote their product. We mentored student-ambassador teams to learn, explore, innovate and excel while creating their official campus Google+ page and YouTube channel. Powered by Google and students, the program reached out to the entire campus audience and enabled them to develop content with the help of marketing kits in goodie boxes, empowering them to build and create large yet tightly knit, engaged communities.

The Ivy League of India moved to Google+. ‘Get Social?’ brought about a change in consumer behaviour and consumption patterns over a long and effective engagement period. The strategic design of ‘Get Social?’ resulted in a never before experience for budding marketers in ‘creating’ and ‘innovating’ while populating engaged communities.