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    5 Ways to Ineffectively Hashtag your Posts


    5 Ways to Ineffectively Hashtag your Posts

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    You may be trying to harness the power of social media for a long time now, but somehow it looks not that easy. You fail to understand why a wonderful post despite being linked to a great webpage still doesn’t reach the audience the way it should. The reason narrows down to that one significant ingredient you missed out of your post. Hashtags.Those who are a stranger to this term, here is a quick outline. Hashtag is a word or group of words after put the # sign. They are a way to help your brand engage with your audience on social media.

    Here are the 5 mistakes that lead to your post reach falling short of your expectations.

    1. You may not have been blending the hashtags with your brand and campaign

    Hashtags are a no-brainer if you intend to promote your brand nowadays. Even the smallest of ideas can be formulated into catchy words or lines that can reach millions. But hashtags are mere climbers if a proper marketing strategy is absent. Brand hashtags are forever associated with your business while campaign hashtags are limited time promotional metadata.

    2. You are probably using a lesser number of hashtags

    You’ve probably heard netizens raving about ‘what’s trending now’. Trending hashtags are continuously changing in real time. A top 10 trend can come and go in no time. Whenever you find a hashtag spreading like wild fire and relating to your business, try to incorporate that into your campaign tagline.  This way your post update can be visible to an audience that are more than your followers and it’s free! In a way, you could think of this strategy as getting your business ‘20 seconds of fame’, or even getting a second spot to the Super Bowl.

    3. Your hashtags may not be trending offline

    Increasing traction of your hashtags by using it on billboards and print ads is a good idea. Recent start-ups can make it effortless for their customers to share positive reviews and comments about their experiences by encouraging the use of a hashtag.

    If you have a brick-and-mortar location, make your hashtag visible near the stalls, on your promotional flyers and every bill. Online businesses must focus on clickable hashtags, encourage the interested lot to ‘click to tweet’ text including the hashtag.

    4. Using long hashtags was never a trend

    Choosing a unique hashtag is an art and to make it trending needs a lot of brainstorming. Keeping your brand hashtag pretty short and easy to spell might be useful. Simple and catchy hashtags are etched in the viewer’s memory for a longer period as compared to longer hashtags. But a limited usage of a particular hashtag may not guarantee you a larger chunk of success.

    5. You chose a wrong time/situation to use hashtags

    Indiscriminate usage of hashtags makes your post look vague. Overusing hashtags is the social media equivalent of spam. Hashtags spilled haphazardly over a statement may put off some readers, whereas one or two well-chosen tags may look very appealing. Don’t always choose the most trending hashtag to support your brand because it may get lost in a sea of similar hashtags.

    To cut a long story short, hashtags are more than just markers for your tweets or a way to enter a wider conversation on social media. They’re identifiers for your company branding that aid you through the attenuation, curate conversations and engage your followers.

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      • The Strategist
      • December 21, 2016

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