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    5 tips to enhance your brand appeal for Gen Z consumers


    5 tips to enhance your brand appeal for Gen Z consumers

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    Marketing successfully to Gen Z, a generation with a huge disposable income, is one of the brands' most significant challenges today. Their tastes and preferences are different from previous generations and are constantly evolving. They are progressive, educationally and emotionally empowered and diverse. 

    Here are a few interesting statistics that will help you understand Gen Z better. 

    • India’s Generation Z population is the largest in the world.
    • On average, an Indian Gen Z spends eight hours per day online. 
    • 72 per cent of Gen Z carry out their purchases 
    • through a computer or their mobile device
    • A poll conducted by a shopping platform found that 60 per cent of millennials have cut down their spending on movies, clothes, and entertainment but increased their spending on health care, wellness and groceries. 
    • Gen Z is spending 125 per cent of their pre-Covid levels

    Be interesting and engaging 

    It is no secret that video content is the most consumed media format by users. Gen Z favours more of Instagram (56%) and Youtube (38%) compared to other networks. Overlays, visual effects, and music are considered to be the gold standard for GenZ marketing. We are in an era that is brimming with many new apps, social features, and creative filters. Anything static and boring doesn't attract their attention. In line with this, always ensure to create relevant, interactive, and persuasive content. Stylized and visually appealing content is the key to grab the eyeballs of Gen Z consumers.

    Make a human connection 

    Brands need to be their authentic self on social media. If brands can offer a glimpse of humanity in an excessively commercialized and cold world, they win. Uploading behind-the-scenes videos, interviews with employees, or a peek into when things go wrong can enable brands to make a human connection with customers that go beyond just sales. Content consumption has undergone a paradigm shift, with Gen Z on the lookout for experimentative, interactive, and innovative content. Polls, quizzes, and filters are a great way to engage as well as educate customers. What’s more, they also provide deeper insights on what works for brands and what doesn’t. Simply put, younger customers want to do something—tap, swipe, click—when they land on your posts.
    Avon is a leading cosmetics brand that has never shied away from experimenting and incorporating the humane when it comes to content marketing. From AR filters to celebrity influencers and roping in a stand-up comedy to launch their intimate wear range, it has never failed to create waves online. Watch the video below to find out more. 

    Use Branded Hashtags 

    Modern consumers desire hybrid experiences that allow them to shop onsite in addition to building a connection online. Branded hashtags have been observed to leverage brand authenticity and strengthen their online presence in the following ways: 

    • Encouraging followers to share user-generated content (e.g., customer photos) coupled with a branded hashtag 
    • Enabling customers to tag themselves at a brand’s physical location
    • Asking customers to tag their friends and family to invite new potential followers to a brand’s social feed

    Gen Z wants to be seen in the wild. Period. This signifies that it is critical to have hashtags and innovative and interactive content that is social-worthy.

    Be a socially responsible brand

    Consumerism today extends beyond shopping carts. So how can brands ensure to let their target audiences know that they are not here just to sell? Unlike other generations, Gen Z consumers are three times as likely to say that brands must take a stance on social issues, support ESG goals and serve, save and improve communities. As a result, numerous brands today wear their beliefs and values on their sleeves, right from championing diversity to raising awareness for social issues and beyond.

    Let your customers do the talking

    Even though digital has penetrated all possible aspects of our lifestyle, the age-old word of mouth marketing is still a powerful force to reckon with. The best way for brands to leverage their online reputation is to incorporate customer testimonials. In addition to educating prospective customers, it also helps brands enhance their credibility. Therefore, it is wise for brands to let their products and services do the talking by encouraging their customers to become their ambassadors or influencers. According to Sprout’s Digital Natives Report, a whopping  82% of Gen Z shoppers finalize their purchase decisions after reading reviews from other customers on social media.

    Brands can successfully build valuable and long-lasting relationships with Gen Z customers by taking time to observe, implement and promote what they are looking for and what they truly desire. Entertain them, enthral them, impress them, but most importantly, inspire them. It will surely make your brand achieve improved brand impact, engagement and ROI. 

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      • September 8, 2021

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