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    5 Fantastic strategies to boost the marketing of your new app


    5 Fantastic strategies to boost the marketing of your new app

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    It took four decades for the world to move from audio cassettes to compact discs, less than a decade to shift to pen drives and less than half a decade to get into the cloud. Technology is changing at rapid speed; things are becoming relevant and redundant in the batting of an eyelid. The same is the case with businesses.  From a website to a Facebook page and a Twitter handle, things have changed fast and the changes expected next are going to be even faster. Those who have anticipated the change have already got their mobile app ready. Mobile app! That’s right; apps are the next small-big-thing in business. In the times to come, apps will replace websites and Facebook pages, as they keep the audiences hooked 24X7 without any distractions. It’s the exclusivity that lets mobile apps create a strong bond between the brand and the consumer, something which we can only dream of when it comes to websites and social media accounts.

    While apps are a great way to connect with your audiences, the marketing part is a bit tricky to say the least. For instance, more than 1 million apps are fighting with each other for user-attention in every category of the app store. Even a great app can be a victim of a not-so-great marketing strategy. It’s not only about spending money but also about creating a balance between development and promotion of the app.

    Here are 5 strategies that will let you achieve the desired balance.

    5 App Marketing Startegy

    Make your releases early and consistent: The early bird catches the worm, not every bird agrees to it, but practical wisdom says it works.  It is important to release the version of your app early and start influencing communities like Hacker News and Product Hunt rather than wait for it to be perfect.  The wait for perfection might result in the market being captured by those who keep evolving with time.

    Understand your niche: App store is like a crowded carnival, even the greatest of apps can fade into the background due to the high voltage pitch from the competition. In order to differentiate your app, you need to identify its USP and know your target audience like the back of your hand.  The next step is to figure out how you can reach out to your TG and establish the benefits your app is offering. QUAD’s is a great case study in this scenario. They approached students and college groups like fraternities and associations and underscored the USP of the app – its ability to message more than 50 people at once, which also happened to be that one important thing that their TG needed.

    Exclusivity is not a luxury it’s a necessity: It’s often observed that exclusivity is the magnet which attracts maximum amount of attention. People love to have exclusive things that they can flaunt in order to affirm their social standing.  For a brand it’s a signal to make its offering that inspires others to follow it. Spotify reaped the benefits of exclusivity by sending invitation cards initially. These invitations gave Spotify an aura of something extraordinary and created a class of its own. The buzz around this exclusive app started a sequence of positive word of mouth, which helped Spotify enchant the digital audiences in very less time. 

    App store optimisation is the key: The content on your app needs to be optimised just like it is optimised for your website. Fitting in the right keyword in the app title and description is a must in order to make it easier for your audiences to find you. Optimising the content might not appeal to you, but remember, your TG is searching for apps using certain keywords and if your app does not appear, it does not exist.

    Be vocal on social: Social media helps you reach out to and increase your user base. Thanks to social media platforms, your users can boast and brag about the amazing things they are doing on your app and propagate positive word of mouth.  Make sure to include social sharing as a primary function in your mobile app.

    We put in lots of hard work; time and energy to create a masterpiece of an app, yet most of the apps struggle to succeed. This means that something is wrong, and it has little to do with the app and more to do with the way it is being sold. The TG must understand the value of downloading and using your app.  To help them do so, you need to identify and package the USP of your app in an as eye-catching way as possible, so that your TG is totally sold on your app.

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      • October 6, 2015

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