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    Tips to create a strong B2B content strategy

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    A content strategy in simple terms is nothing but planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content. Without this, content marketing is like blowing wind, which lacks guidance and direction and is unaware of its strength. A good content strategy aims to create a strong bond between the brand and consumers.

    Through this blog, we shall discuss a few ways by which you can ensure that your strategy stays in the right direction and doesn’t get derailed.

    1. Sell stories, not products

    B2B strategies focus majorly on straightforward communication, leading to lowered engagement as the content starts getting boring. Such ways are old and lead to the consumer losing interest when they come across such content.  So the best way to tackle this issue is by presenting your content in a storytelling format. Sell the value that a customer can drive from your product or service. The story can be either educational or entertaining to hold your customers' attention, thus resulting in high engagement.

    Don't forget to add a strong CTA with your story to leave a strong impact! Because engagement is crucial, but your ultimate aim is always conversion.

    2. Create an amazing user experience

    A content strategy should have a strong emphasis on creating a high-quality user experience. This is because the primary aim for any business is to bring in sales by converting a target audience into a customer. For that we need to provide them with a compelling user experience, thus just making content around how you can help them solve a problem is not enough. A unique customer experience not only helps you to connect better with your audience but also helps you in standing out from the competition, thus building strong brand loyalty.

    3. Collaborate for growth

    Businesses generally tend to get very skeptical when we talk about collaborations. We are not asking you to share any of your secrets, but just to share platforms with other businesses. This is one of the most overlooked aspects when we talk about the promotion of content, which is an integral part of the strategy. You can either promote your content on other businesses' platforms, which can offer high exposure and traffic to your site or you can promote their content on your platforms. This helps in building your reputation in the industry as people realize that you hold the knowledge and have great respect for high-value content.

    4. Add layers to your content

    Just like a cake, the content we produce gets ten times better when we add layers to it. When we talk about producing multi-layered content what we mean is to add more visual-based content to it such as pictures, videos, infographics, or screenshots. This does 2 things. One helps in increasing engagement. Two gives the reader a break from the long continuous text.

    5. Inculcate metrics in your strategy

    Earlier we used to assume what the audience wants. We didn't have any specific information regarding how our content has been performing. But not anymore, with metrics in the picture, we can curate content around what people want. This helps us recognize and understand what works and what doesn't for our brand and then plan our strategy accordingly.

    6. Go inorganic for a change

    Try using paid ads! This has become a very important part of content strategy as it helps to drive traffic towards the informational content on the website and target customers who are in the educational stage of the sales funnel.

    When talking about implementing a B2B strategy, the first platform which might come to your mind must be LinkedIn. No doubt LinkedIn is a great platform to promote your B2B content but there is another very underrated player, which is Facebook ads. Why Facebook ads? It is because when you run your ads through Facebook you are reaching out to a community that cares and values your content.

    B2B Content strategy is not easy. The journey to get an optimal content strategy might be tough, but with these few key pointers, you can make this journey a lot smoother.

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      • The Strategist
      • October 19, 2021

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