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    The Ultimate Guide to B2B Marketing in the second half of 2021

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    The only way to consistently grow in B2B is to be better than very good.                                                                                                                                                 

    -- - Seth Godin

    Business-to-business marketing plans and strategies need to be overhauled as Covid-19 has hit our lives and swooped away many opportunities. This truly is a turning point in B2B marketing. Following the latest B2B marketing trends can help the companies in the second half of 2021.

    Marketers today demands modern and engaging strategies. A digital marketing agency can help make this possible for them. The B2B marketers need to rethink their plans, rework their strategies, and reconsider their approach to cope up with the market trends and changing customer expectations.

    Digital engagement is the need of the hour. It uses different digital channels to build the relationship with existing and potential customers. Therefore, widening the scope of digital engagement is what needs to be done.

    The Need for B2B marketing

    A survey says, 37.5% of companies will focus on marketing growth, and 26.6% of companies will concentrate on building consumer experience. Therefore, B2B marketing needs to focus on driving growth in consumer experiences, insight for sales and senior

    leadership to increase the revenue and building the firm's brand. SaaS, SEO, Artificial Intelligence and improved UX can play a crucial role in ensuring this. 

    According to a survey, B2B Marketing Trends highlight that marketers can create to augment their growth and profitability with some assistance. Brand identity designing is also the B2B companies' top priority. Therefore, they would like to connect with professional logo design services, corporate identity design agencies, and brand strategy consulting firms to meet this requirement. 

    B2B Marketing Strategies

    1. Broaden the Sphere of Digital Engagement

    E-message merchandising: 93% of B2B marketers use email as their B2B marketing strategy. For creating a successful B2B marketing strategy, the following pointers should be kept in mind:

    • Use interesting subjects
    • Divide your email into different segments
    • Make responsive and user-friendly email designs.

    Web Marketing: The digital platform of every B2B business comprises paid ads, search engine optimisation, and a website. With the help of a Digital marketing agency, one can use PPC advertising techniques. Over 80% of buyers go through the website of the company before making a purchase.

    Content Marketing: Over 50% of B2B companies these days outsource a portion of content marketing (CMI), and 80% of business decision-makers prefer to get information from an article than an ad. Successful B2B content marketing will shortly involve the content to be data-driven, value-driven, and AI-driven.

    2. Supremacy of Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence can help narrow down the challenges and broaden the scope of B2B marketing. It enables marketers to employ engaging tools and automated strategies to get better insights, ensure faster decision making and streamlining routine jobs. With the 4th industrial revolution, AI is all set to significantly impact B2B marketing by encouraging a data-driven culture in an organisation, delivering user-friendly content for adaptable outreach, and offer fascinating insights about customers and how their needs can be fulfilled. 

    How is it done?

    Chatbots have become an engaging AI tool and a part of websites and applications. They help provide better services to a large number of customers. In 2021, B2B marketing will involve making the most of chatbots.

    3. Embrace Omnichannel Marketing:

    Which channels, according to you, are the best for B2B marketing? The terminology 'omnichannel' is the answer and is the most prominent strategy for the digital engagement of B2B businesses. It is not just a trend, but it also promotes a relationship between brand and customer, which leads to achieving 91% greater customer retention rates. Adopting such B2B marketing trends ensures that the business is channelised in all the platforms, whether social, digital, or any other online platform. 

    4. Opt for SaaS Marketing

    SaaS (Software as a Service) is a service provided to other businesses through cloud-based applications. SaaS uses internet browsers as a platform for easier accessibility and lesser costs. The use of SaaS applications can help optimise sales, improve performance and generate more revenue. 

    5. Sound SEO Marketing Strategy

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in B2B marketing is a digital marketing strategy structured to assist B2B websites in improving their rankings on search engines like Google and Yahoo. It can enhance visibility and generate quality leads for B2B companies. Backed by a robust SEO strategy and resources, it can help B2B marketers realise their marketing objectives.  

    6. Better User Experience (UX)

    UX in B2B marketing plays a crucial role in ensuring that the customers come back to the business to meet their requirements time and again. Therefore, necessary investments in making the user experience better may result in rapid growth and development of the business. 

    7. Inbound marketing

    The importance of inbound marketing is all set to increase with customers looking for content that is tailored to them. Therefore, it is crucial to building long-lasting connections with the customers by providing answers to their business problems. 

    8. Enabling of CRM

    With rising competition, Customer Relationship management has become crucial for B2B businesses. It can go a long way in ensuring high customer retention levels and generating quality leads. In line with this B2B marketers are expected to invest in cutting-edge CRM solutions in 2021. 

    9. Voice Search in websites

    Voice search is gaining a lot of popularity in 2021 and is in demand by tech-savvy customers. Alexa and Siri are a few of the best examples of voice search. Google also enables its users to enable voice search to get a user-friendly experience. With the help of AI and ML, companies have used this technology to expand their business to another level. In B2B marketing, voice search is the latest trend used by businesses to attract customers. Websites these days show modified results based on the users' past searches. Research says that 76% of users use voice searches weekly, and 46% use them to gather information about businesses daily.

    What does the future hold?

    There are several unique challenges in B2B marketing. Hence, it is necessary to partner with the right experts to create the ideal digital marketing strategies to assist the company in achieving its marketing goals. Implementation of the above-mentioned B2B marketing strategies will help businesses enhance their reach to the targeted audience.

    Digital engagement and omnichannel marketing can enable businesses to connect with consumers. Artificial intelligence and SaaS are the revolutionary technologies driving increased conversions and generating significant business revenue for B2B marketing companies. SEO and UX are the tools to help businesses create user-friendly customer journeys and experiences. Inbound marketing, CRM and voice searches are the B2B marketing strategies that are gaining popularity among marketers in 2021 to attract more customers.  

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      • July 14, 2021

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