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    Rethinking Omnichannel Marketing Strategy in 2021


    Rethinking Omnichannel Marketing Strategy in 2021

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    In today's time, it is pretty easy to stay connected with each other. There are not one but several ways by which you can reach out to someone if you wish to contact them - call,  message, mail, or maybe a DM via Instagram. As there’re numerous ways to connect with someone personally, it has become easier for marketers to reach and communicate with their customers. 

    Omnichannel marketing is just how a brand uses these channels and provides a seamless customer experience. A simple example of Omni channels marketing can be when you add products to your shopping cart via an app.If products have been added to the cart and purchase hasn't happened, the app reminds you of the purchase via push notifications or mail from time to time.

    Due to Covid-19, there has been a spike seen in the brands using Omnichannel marketing. It has been observed that people buy goods online now and compare, research, and find physical stores online. Most of the brands are getting into this trend now and have started using Omnichannel marketing strategies. So you need to do a little extra to stand out, to meet the customers' needs and wants while standing up to their expectations. 

    Even though online marketing has been on the rise significantly, offline hasn't lost its significance. You just have to make the best of both worlds. 

    Let's discuss some of the significant trends for 2021 –

    1. A shift from contact to contactless

    From cash to online payments, a massive shift has been observed in the payment methods preferred by consumers on account of the Covid-19 pandemic. The online payment method was there before Covid as well, but it has seen an increased adoption during this period. 

    2. Geo-targeting

    Marketers can use this feature to ping up their customers whenever they are near a store. It can be via push notification or an offer-based SMS. 

    3. Introducing AR/VR

    Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) have a vast potential for providing an exclusive Omnichannel experience. These technologies are a perfect blend between the online and the offline world. 

    4. Emphasis on the video-based content

    Video consumption has taken a considerable leap in the past few years. Today a user spends almost 1/3rd of their total time-consuming online content. This has made it imperative for brands to produce more engaging video content to sell their products and services. Influencer marketing campaigns featuring powerful video content by leading influencers are increasingly considered a great way to connect with the right target audience by brands. Brands are also partnering with leading content creators to develop branded content and push their product messaging subtly. The importance of videos can be gauged from the fact that Instagram, which started as a photo-based platform, has now shifted heavily towards short video content marketing

    5. Data-driven experience

    The most significant advantage of going digital is the data. The data accumulated online helps a lot when it comes to driving sales. Similarly, data can also be used in other sales channels and can be used to provide a better customer experience.

    Behavioural data can provide a more personalized experience to the customer on both the online and offline platforms, boosting brand loyalty and engagement.

    Omnichannel marketing allows brands to reach their consumers at the right place and time to deliver the right message. With an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour and buyer journey, Omnichannel marketing can be highly effective in generating leads and ensuring conversions and building a loyal customer base.

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      • The Strategist
      • August 31, 2021

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